Dear Beginner Woodworker, You Can Build It!

– Dear beginner woodworker, you have exactly what you need to start building woodworking projects. You're good enough to do it. Let's start. (indistinct) the best advice I
can give you is to don't wait until you have all those fancy tools you see all those other woodworkers have that are on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. You don't need those fancy table saws. You don't need the big miter saw. You don't need jointers
and planers just to start. All you need is a
circular saw and a drill. You need a way to cut the wood, you need a way to put the wood together, and you need the will
to want to build stuff.

That's it. Don't wait until you think
you're ready to start. You have what you need. Get out there, make some sawdust. Do not tell yourself that
you're not a woodworker. Fancy tools and a big shop
does not make you a woodworker. You are a woodworker. Say it with me. I am a woodworker. The moment you make your first cut, that first bit of sawdust,
you're a woodworker. Nobody's gonna come along
and knight you a woodworker. (crowd cheering) Nobody's gonna give you a badge that says I'm a woodworker. Start making wood projects, right then, you're a woodworker. It doesn't matter if
you're making projects as simple as chevrons, or if you're starting to
make more advanced projects like end tables, dining
tables, side tables, TV stands. Doesn't matter. If you're building, you're a woodworker. I see the projects that
you guys are sending me on Instagram and Facebook.

They are fantastic woodworking
projects that you're making. Very talented. You're very talented. Woodworker, listened to me. There's somebody out there today, laying in a hospital bed, begging God for one more healthy day. You have an amazing
opportunity in front of you if you have your health. Don't waste it by sitting around wishing you would start something, or thinking about starting something, or worrying about starting something. Don't waste this opportunity. It's not gonna last very long.

If you see somebody else
building awesome projects that you really enjoy that you would like to build yourself, the only way to get there
is to start making sawdust. If you wait and wait and wait,
your skill's not gonna grow. There's not gonna be magic
dust sprinkled on you and all of a sudden wake up one day and start making that awesome project. You have to get out there and learn. Learn the craft and work your way to that. You're not gonna start out making just these elaborate projects, you got to start somewhere. Start with beginner
projects, work your way up. I know you worry about
what if I make a mistake? What if I mess up? Expect that. Expect that you're gonna make mistakes. Think about the biggest YouTuber
woodworker that you know, the biggest Instagram woodworker you know, the biggest celebrity woodworker you know, it doesn't matter if it's John Malecki, or Fix This Build That, or Steve Ramsey, or The Wood Whisperer, all of those guys are making
absolutely amazing projects.

They are amazingly skilled craftsmen. I promise you they're making mistakes. There's only been one man that has ever walked
the face of this earth that was perfect. Right there. Not you, not me. We're gonna make mistakes, we're human. Don't let the fear of making
a mistake hold you back. You know you're gonna
make 'em, just go for it. Mrs. 731 says, "If it's made of wood, it's not set in stone." That's a fantastic quote
because it's just wood. You can just remake it. Give yourself a little grace. If you mess up, don't even worry about it. Just make something else. Woodworker, I know that the
fear of starting is scary. I've been there. I know the fear of feeling like it's not gonna be good enough, that I'm not good enough. I know the fear of making
projects and being worried and scared that they're not
gonna like what you make.

I know the fear of posting
that first item for sale and being scared to death
nobody's gonna buy it. I have a name for that
fear, I call him Goliath. There's an amazing opportunity in front of you with woodworking. It's a path, right? Goliath is standing in
the middle of that path, staring you in the face. You gotta look up at him,
he's Goliath, he's big. You have to be willing to
look at Goliath in the eye and tell him, "You will not stop me
from doing this, Goliath. You will not be the
reason that I don't start. You will not be the reason that
I do not make this project." Tell Goliath, "You're not
strong enough to stop me." You look at Goliath and you say, "Goliath, I'm coming through." And then you go straight for him.

You push through that fear
and you start making sawdust. You start making these
projects and stop worrying about what everybody else is gonna think. Stop worrying about what the world thinks about what you're building. It's your project, it's your creation, you're gonna make it uniquely you. And the only way to do that
is to start building projects.

You cannot let fear stand in your way. Fear will stop you. Fear will kill your dreams. Go watch our live stream
from a few weeks back. We talked about fear killing dreams. Fear kills dreams. Fear stops them in their tracks. You can't sit around
and be scared to start or scared to put yourself out there. You will never go anywhere if you do that. You will stay in the same place. Woodworker, you cannot get
complacent with your safety. You get two of these, You get 10 of these, and
you get two of these. Some of them are bigger
than others, like mine, but that's okay. Protect them. You're gonna need 'em later in life when you're still making
awesome woodworking projects.

Protect them at all cost. Woodworker, do not be
afraid to try new projects. Do not be worried about
stretching yourself and learning a new skill. Put yourself out there. It's okay if that new project fails, you've just found a
way that it won't work. Try it again. The next one may. If it don't, try it again,
try it again, try it again. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, "If you fail 10,000 times, you've found 10,000 ways it won't work." Don't get discouraged on your journey. Think about woodworking as a marathon. It is not a sprint. Try to enjoy each step of that journey. It is not gonna be an
overnight success story to where you wake up one day, somebody sprinkled that magic dust on you, and now magically you're this, an amazingly skilled woodworker
who's making a living doing full-time woodworking overnight. It just don't happen. You have to be willing to
put in the work and the hours and to build yourself
into a skilled woodworker.

Don't get so focused on trying
to finish that next project that you don't enjoy the build. That's part of woodworking, is you enjoy the process
of building the item, except for sanding. Nobody likes that. Don't get discouraged when
you see other builders making these amazing projects that took time and skill to make. You're just starting your marathon, they may be a long way
into their marathon. That's okay, you'll get there. Just keep running. Have patience. Patience is an invaluable virtue to have. Patience will make you a safer woodworker. Patience will make your projects better.

Patience will make you a better person. Patience, take your time. It's a marathon, it's gonna be a while. Be proud of your name, woodworker. Be proud of your last name. Be proud of your business name. That name represents what you stand for and what you're about. Be proud of it. Take pride in your work. Be proud of yourself
and what you accomplish when you put your mind
and determination to it. Woodworker, your time will
come when others look up to you as the skilled woodworker, the one with the great tools,
the one with the great wisdom. Remember, when you get to that point, to reach back and pick
the next woodworker up and bring him up there with you. That beginner woodworker is
gonna need your encouragement, he's gonna need your
knowledge and your wisdom to be shared with him to
help bring them up with you. Just reach back, bring him up. You're in it together. You wanna help that beginner woodworker, so he doesn't make the same
mistakes that you made. Tell him about the mistakes you made.

Tell him about the
skills or the techniques that you're using to
build certain projects. Help each other out. when you're scrolling
through Instagram or Facebook and you see that woodworker
has built an amazing project, you look at it and you're
like, "That's awesome." Tell him that. Hit that Comment button. Type in there, "That's awesome. Good job." We all like to hear encouraging
words to let us know that others appreciate our work and that we're doing
something people like. We want to hear that. I like hearing it from you guys. I know you guys like
hearing it from others when they tell you
you're doing a good job.

You wanna know that your work is good. Let others know. We are a tight community
of woodworkers and makers. We are not here to
compete with each other. We are not enemies. The enemy is Goliath, remember? We are a team. We are
here to work together. We're here to support each other. We are a family. And, hey, I wanna welcome
you to the 731 Family. Hit me up on Instagram or
Facebook @731woodworks. If you have questions, I'm
more than happy to help you in any way that I possibly can. Just send me a message,
I read every one of 'em.

Woodworker, let me tell
you that you matter. Your projects, your work, matters. You build a dining table for a customer, or for your own family, that piece will be in their family, Lord willing, for years to come. They're gonna sit around that table and have dinner together. They're gonna have memorable conversations around that table. They're gonna laugh around that table. They're gonna cry around that table. That table, that you
made with your own hands, will be there for generations and they will have so many
memories around that table. You will make an impact by
building such an amazing piece. That's awesome. The projects and items
that you build matter. They matter to the people
you're building for.

They matter to the woodworking community. They matter to me and they matter to you
because you're building them. You matter. Now, woodworker, you get out
there and make some sawdust. Sincerely, 731 Woodworks..

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