D.I.Y. Stackable Wooden Planters – D.I.Y. at Bunnings

this cold corner could do with some more so I'm going to build some stackable wooden planners which can go as high or as low as you like changing the space and adding some vibrance these are all the tools and materials you'll need to make your stackable wooden planters you can get your Timbers pre-cut at Bunnings but because I want to make a smaller box I'll be cutting the timber myself first thing we need to do is measure and cut all of our timber to sighs remember when cutting your Timbers that preparation is key there are three different sized panels to make two fronts two sides and a base make sure you group all of these off before you put them together so now we're going to build a front face it's a good idea to have a piece of timber laid out so you have something to keep everything square this is where our Packers and our extra pieces come in handy remember that every time you build a side or a front these Packers and spaces are going to be slightly different when squaring everything off use an extra piece of board to butt up against everything then we can place our glue now your boards off one at a time and keep plenty of offcuts on your hand to keep everything square and that's one front face done remember it's a good idea to mark the top of each of your panels now let's build one of our two side panels it's the same process with different spacing now let's attach our fronts and sides together as you can see our reference stickers are all facing the top we're going to be putting some glue across here and then nailing into these support beams once we have the side panels and front panels together we can flip the whole thing over and put in our base our base is only going to go in one way and there you have it one stack of a wooden planner you can paint stain or oil these as you like and when you put plants in it's a very good idea to put some weed matting down to protect your timber the great thing about these planners is that they're stackable which means you can change the height and feel of the space look at this transformation what was once a cold area is now vibrant and one you

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