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If you've got empty bedroom wall space at
home and you want to lighten it up a bit, shadow boxes are a great way to do this. We're using a slightly more practically as
bedside tables. With minimal materials and effort, you can
transform your bedroom space from this to this. These are the tools and materials I'll be
using to make my shadow box. The first thing I need to do is cut my timber
to length. I've already measured my space, and I'm gonna
be cutting a 45-degree miter on each end. I'm now going to measure down from my mitered
cut to give me the length for the other mitered cut, and I'm gonna repeat this for all four
sides. Glue or nail your mitered corners together
to give you the box frame. A great tip is to use a tape to keep the miter
joints aligned. It's a good idea to use a damp rag to wipe
for any excess PVA glue. To ensure your box is square, take two diagonal
measurements across the box. If they match up, you're square, otherwise,
you can make small adjustments.

To create the fixing rail for my shadow box,
I need to place the square edge into the top right hand corner, then mark the other end
with a pencil, and then simply cut it. Attach a rail to the underside at the top
of the box, making sure it's flushed with the back edge. I'm now gonna attach my bottom railing to
the underside of the box, ensuring that it is flushed with the back of the box. If desired, you can miter the ends to 30 degrees,
this just takes it out of the eye liner. Fill the nail holes and gaps with putty, leave
it to dry, and then get the whole box to get all sanded. To finish up, you can stain or paint just
so your [inaudible 0:01:43]. Figure out where you want to place your shadow
boxes, then fix them to your wall using the correct attachments. It's always preferred to go into studs, however
I'll be going into [inaudible 00:01:54] wood so I will be using hollow-wall anchors. Remember this space we had before, this simple
and easy to make shadow boxes have completely transformed it.

Not only are they a table, but they're a storage
space underneath. How much better does that look? I love them..

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