Cut metal easily! – DIY Power hacksaw

Hi I'm Emiel, The Practical Engineer, and today I'm making this drill powered metal hacksaw To power the saw with my drill I need to convert rotary motion into linear motion. And I'm doing that by making an axle that fits onto my drill That has a point ,off-center, that moves like this. And when you connect an arm to it the saw will move with it like that. I'll show you later Let's start with the axle! These plates are going to be the frame of the whole mechanism.

So the axle is going to be in here and the hinge for the saw arm is going in here as well I've screwed them together so when I drill these holes I know they are all similar in both plates. So the first thing I want to do is connect this to the base Than I can make the big arm for the saw, where it's mounted on. And the drive arm for the saw So I have the parts for the saw arm made: There is this tube This is going to be the saw arm itself Then I have this bearing, that I printed, that will wil over here. To hold the saw like this. Then it will move forward and backwards to saw. Now I know it fits I'm going to take it apart shortly so I can paint the base of it. Make it look a bit nicer. So, now we have this all mounted I need to make the arm that connects the driving arm to the saw. And I'm going to make that from plywood. I also need to make a bushing for over here. where it can connect to.

As you can see: it's almost done. The only thing I need to do left is The clamp for it. And I have only one clamp so I want it to be removable. I've printed these small holders that fit in here. I think that when I screw it in really tight I can plan it on it will stay in place and when I'm not using it here I can take it off. It's not super fast, but it's faster than I can do It by hand. So that's a win. Let's try some other materials I'm really happy with how it turned out.

It cuts faster than I can do by hand And also it cuts really straight. So if you are happy with this video as well let me know in the comments. Hit the subscribe button before you leave. And don't forget:Dare to experiment and have fun creating! See you in the next video!.

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