Cup/Bottle/Wine Glass Holder

The flat arms of the couch beg for stray drinks to sit on. I need some cup holders to prevent accidental spills. Plenty of scraps that are still useful. Planing out the warpage and surface imperfections. Crosscutting to dimension. (Crappy) box joint jig Setting depth of cut for the top (based on the sides) Cutting the box joints into the top piece. Setting depth of cut for the sides (based on the top) Stacked together, making the box joints in the side pieces. A satisfying test fit. Finding the correct diameter hole saw. Drilling out the center hole into the top piece.

Persuading the piece out. Sketching the rough shape of a wine glass stem. Using a jigsaw to cut out the shape. Cleaning up the shape. Gluing things up. Filling the gaps with saw dust. Sanding the faces flush. Rounding the edges. Staining and finishing with polyurethane. Framing square and a combination square. Bring the combination square's 45° in line with the framing square's inner 90° and secure. This can now be used to find the center of any sized circle. Drilling out holes of a can's diameter and a bottle's diameter. Stacking the two together (smaller diameter hole on bottom). Carving out a channel into the cork bottom. Smoothing things out with a rasp. Gluing on the front face. Test fit for tracing out the wine glass slot. Cutting out the slot into the coaster stack.

Gluing the coaster stack in place. Glue bottle happens to be the right diameter to hold things in place! Adding some cork runners. Gluing in the bottom cork platform. Let's try it out! Holds a beer can. Holds a beer bottle. Holds a wine glass! Cat tax..

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