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it's that time of year again it's nearly
Christmas and one of the great things about being a woodworker this is what I
found is that you can hand make gifts for people you really care about for
your relatives your children your grandchildren for your parents and I
wanted to suggest some of our projects that have made great Christmas gifts
over the years we've taught people to do this to make them I've made some great
starter projects of varying sizes and different levels of complexity so you
can choose which one would challenge you which ones you can make for your friends
you could make a variety of dovetail boxes for jewelry boxes for storing
tools or other small items there are so many things that you can make just using
dovetail boxes and some time back we made a simple carrying tote which is
constructed using housing dedos we also made an nice wall clock that makes
such a lovely Christmas gift if you're making something for a woodworking
friend you're looking for something to make perhaps make the majoras might
we've got to all the details of how to make those for a keen cook you might
perhaps want to make a cake server a burger flipper there are a few small but
very much more intricate projects what about coasters and wooden stars things
that make good Christmas decorations you can give those for gifts too
what I'm really saying is that we've got so many videos out there's so much that
we want to teach you pass on and you can make these things they're perfect for
Christmas so whatever woodworking you get up to it wherever you are in the
world I want to wish you all a very very best and Marries Christmas you've ever
had thank you for watching hope you enjoy

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