CHEAP & EASY Wooden Ladder DIY FOR $10

blanket ladders are surprisingly
expensive they're like 30 to 40 dollars I don't want to pay that much for three
pieces of wood maybe I'm just a cheap ass I don't know one of the things I
really really wanted in my room was a blanket ladder a ladder was super easy
to make it took me roughly an hour an hour 30 minutes I think it costs 10
dollars which is eight freaking and still I really wanted to make a blanket
ladder because I feel like they're very functional but they're very cute and add
a lot of dimension to the room and they're kind of just a nice minimal
statement piece before you guys get discouraged and think this is too hard
for you I have no background in woodworking I can't even lift ten pounds
so you'll be good these are the items that I purchased the rest of the power
tools I'm using my cousin provided and I'll offer a ton of alternatives so
don't worry so first you're gonna decide how tall you want your ladder to be and
I think that depends on the height of your ceiling I personally chose six feet
and I measured both the two big pieces of wood small detail but find the side
of the wood that you think is the prettiest that you want it to be facing
so you can mark the opposite side next I'm going to take the center pieces of
wood and Mark sixteen inches and this is how wide I want my ladder to be safety is super important so my cousin
gave me eye and ear protection using a power saw was definitely really
intimidating at first but I feel like with the repetition I got a lot better
next step we're gonna stand down each piece of wood that we've created so I'm
first showing the manual method where I just took a piece of sandpaper and
wrapped it over a loose piece of wood it gets the job done but it's definitely a
lot slower than the power sander which I have shown here next on the thick piece of wood so the
2×4 I'm gonna mark one foot twelve inch lines this is going to indicate where
the steps go and I'm marking both pieces of wood because I want to make sure the
ladder turns out as straight as possible you can definitely put the steps of the
ladder perpendicular but I wanted to put it at an angle to create more dimension
and for reference I'm using this metal triangle to mark a 45-degree angle next
I'm marking two lines about an inch apart to indicate where I'm gonna put
the screws it's really important to use two nails or your step i wiggle apart
next I'm gonna drill a hole through the piece of wood to indicate where the
screws are gonna go here it's important to place a scrap piece of wood
underneath and do not harm your table next step we're gonna screw everything
together this was extremely difficult for me personally just to keep the
screws straight and this here was the point that led to my ultimate demise
because even though I fettered everything is very carefully because I
didn't screw things industry the latter turn the last step is stating and yes
nice smells all over my cousin's woodworking studio the lesson here is to
be careful I only put one layer of stain on and I let it dry for the whole night
and it was ready to hang the next day and voila this is the final product I'm
putting in my bathroom because I think be a wooden colors really complement the
colorful plants and the white appliances stay tuned and really excited to show
you guys the rest of my room decorations I'm really happy with the result it is
not perfect but I made it so I would love it forever

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