[Music] hi guys so in today's video I'm gonna be showing you how I've made my industrial style mirror okay so you'll need an MDF sheets some mirrored tiles and wooden buttons to go in between each tile some under coats and paints and some glue these mirrors are from eye to eye area of form errors in each pack and they were 7 pound each he opted for one centimeter wide wooden battens to go in between each mirror okay so what you need to do first is decide on the size of your mirror we wanted us to be quite large so we have opted for three packs of the mirrors so they'll give us 12 mirrors so we'll have four in length and three in height knocking out the measurements the MDF sheet I first of all worked out lengths so I added together the widths of the mirrors plus the width of the battens each side of the Maris so each mirror is 30 centimeters there are four Mary's lengths and there are also five one centimeter buttons so this all added to 125 centimeters although this you will need to take into account the width of the battens that are going to be taking up some of the space on the MDI she I will link some of the materials that we've used in the description box below [Music] okay what we did first was we under coated all of the buttons and also the MDF sheet we had this left over from when we did our DIY paneling if you haven't checked that video out yet I will put the link in the description box below and also at the top okay once that is all dry you can then paint your buttons with the white paint or whichever color you're going for what I then did is actually laid it all out to check that I had got the measurements correct I then removed all the mirrors and the buttons except for one row and as I did one row at a time so if I needed to pull to the measurements slightly then it gave me the room to do that I then stuck down each mirror and button one by one as you can see that's the first row down so now it's on to the second I did exactly the same for the second row I laid it all out first and then one by one I stuck down each mirror and each button [Music] make sure you press firmly when applying them to India [Music] [Music] any excess glue just walk away with a cloth did exactly the same for the third rail and left overnight to dry we can then fill any of the joins if you need to found that helpful please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and please subscribe if you haven't already [Music] [Music] [Music]

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