Carving An Airplane For My Son

I start by free handing a rough sketch of the airplane The wood I'm using is cedar elm I'm using my marking gauge to layout the mortises which will hold the wings in place I'm using a 1/4" mortising chisel to cut the mortise I want to go about 1/2" deep Checking depth with my ruler Now I use a crosscut saw to make a series of saw kerfs up to my line I can now use my chisel to break away the waste This is a great technique for cutting curves without a bandsaw Now I'm using my scrub plane to take heavy cuts for shaping the bottom of the airplane I'm using the scrub plane here to taper the rear end of the airplane I do the final shaping with my wooden spokeshave Now I move on to shaping the nose of the airplane I'm using my rasp to shape a slight radius on the top of the airplane nose Now I use my drawknife to shape the nose Now its time to work on the top of the airplane I start with my drawknife then use my wooden spokeshave for fine tuning the shape The tail section is the most challenging part to carve I'm using my drawknife to rough in the shape I use my handsaw to cut the tail fin With the kerfs established I can break away the waste with my chisel Now its just a matter of fine tuning the transition from airplane body to the tail fin I switch to my gouges to better shape that transition I use my rasp to shape the tail fin Here I'm using my pairing chisel to clean up the window and nose of the airplane I've pre-shaped the wings and now I'm glueing them into the airplane body They need a little adjustment to get straightened out A few final taps to bring it home! I'll apply 3 coats of oil The best part of the whole build!

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