Buying the Nicest Live Edge Slabs in LA

here we are, we're just at the Calgary Airport 
right now we just got in, our flight leaves to   LA I think 9:55 and so we're actually what we're 
doing on this trip is I don't know if you guys   know about them you may follow them on Instagram 
there is a company called GL Veneer and we are   going to be going to see their facilities check 
out the shop and hopefully pick out some really   nice wood that we can come back and bring build 
some furniture it up and create a new partnership   with these supplies I think we're here we almost 
walked by our gate but that's the plan we're all   about creating a partnership so we'll see you 
guys when we're down there well it's our second   day here in LA right now we're Daniel there he is 
right there in his truck yeah he's here to pick   us up we're heading off to GL Veneer and should be 
a fun day should be a good fun day hey Daniel sup   guys hey mornin morning we're excited heading 
off to GL Veneer here we go let's get on in thank you did yeah this is awesome here we are yeah 
GL Veneer yeah that looks good already   yeah isn't that freaky, look at the surfboards 
I saw these at the Atlanta show, these surfboards.

These ones? I think so yeah, I'll have to ask him The Atlanta show 10 years ago. "Wow" Yeah cause the whole thing was set up, there was this place with all these surfboards set up showing off Look at that ping, must be redwood burl or something it's just freaky look at the lacewood is that Mappa or something?, I'll recognize it's gonna be 
like a wood overload Oh and there's the octopus Wow look at that thing that's just incredible How long did it take the artist to create this? I think it was 6-8 months okay yeah, a reasonable amount of time yeah it didn't have a base so we had to get it laser levelled and the base ended up costing almost as much as the piece.

Really? Cause we have a big grid crane going over it, drove it to Vegas Now it's going to Ontario yeah so yeah needs to 
be able to make the journey wow these are   definitely some of the biggest burls that 
I have ever seen in my life this is crazy Wow oh my god that's nice and thick some of those too oh we'd like that whole pile   This piece is gonna be an outdoor shower. really really you see you guys get all the unique cuts that you can do stuff like that right yeah You have to have the person who has the vision to see it through. We can recommend a use for something it really has to come from the person who sees 
it, yeah I want to do that with that piece Oh Here's this willow log this is willow. This is willow eh? there's seven slabs there were about 12. But this has some pretty stuff in it too and the voids are one would be really neat 
yeah like little lakes and ponds in there This where you'll really have fun! Ohhhhhh man! What! Something like this for you guys, like cutting end cuts, making end cuts.

The stuff out here, really you guys have the most use for it, of the character wood. whoa that's giant! It's Oregon walnut man what are you guys doing with that? Oh that'll be a slabber yeah you're gonna slab that up? big stuff here, of that same tree really that's from it eh? that is crazy there's one of the hi-graphs there it 
is so that's where the English kind of   is that the lighter colour bark is the 
English walnut so there they are right look at these things yeah so we want one 
of these yeah, or a couple yeah yeah a load of logs! it's almost like we staged this for you.

We don't get logs every day   There we go, load of logs showing up, yeah so that truck is just delivering a a big load it's a really really crazy stuff 
here honestly like the size of these pieces   of wood like check this thing out I just stumbled upon, can you believe that. Oh and the textures and the grain this is just eye candy for us so one of 
the most popular species that we actually ever   brought in was these Claro walnut flats that had 
English walnut grafted on the top and they've   got just those right here so there's one, two, 
three, four. Fifth one back there we're thinking   and we're gonna buy this guy so it's actually 
two different species super burly and just one of   our favourite kinds of woods that we've ever got 
to work with So this is what we've slabbed everything in our inventory on.

Oh really an actual carriage with the bars is inside, and it rides along these rails here. So we have extensions we can put on it. We can cut up to 25km on this mill we put the extensions for height too So this can only cut a 7ft tall, I think it's actually 6ft diameter log okay. this mill, which is the new mill the operator stands right there, rides back and forth We'll be able to cut this log in half everywhere you look it's just something to see I like standing quiet bringing people back here. Letting the ideas come flowing we're back outside here yeah we kind of 
did a full circle like Daniel was just saying   and now we've got some of our slabs pulled 
out that we we've been wanting to look at okay so there's that one right, 
I'm going to send that to my customer right now what are these what do we got well we 
got 20-foot long Claro walnut slabs up to to about almost six feet wide these are absolutely amazing They have some deep grain them the figure, the size, the length is absolutely incredible here.

Yeah yeah this we 
we look at material like this here and our   minds just start racing with all the different 
possibilities and stuff we can do like these   are some of the biggest slabs I've ever seen the 
figure in them like let me just let me give you   guys some close-ups of this look it looks like 
water like ripples and water on this and then   these inclusions now most people would see an 
inclusion like this and they wouldn't want it   whereas for us we see stuff like that and it's 
even better because we can fill it and we can   turn it into a feature so we are just, our jaws 
are on the floor I had to go run and grab the   GoPro or actually we're just in the shop right now 
looking at some of their surfacing equipment and   they have they pulled out this amazing Sycamore 
burl which I personally have never seen Sycamore   burl before so it is a something different something 
definitely very cool for us be sure we're doing   We're thinking we're probably gonna be getting this one, and then there is two other pieces that we wanna get with it.

So we're just going through right now 
we're just putting stars on all of the uh   on all the slaps that we picked out here. 
So we'll show you guys what we're looking at got this big beauty Claro walnut 
right here intense figuring it's   a nice big hole in the middle for 
an epoxy fill we've got this guy   here another big one these are almost 20 
footers and we're taking that one as well yeah so these slabs right here that we're looking at 
right now these are all like really nice bigger   dredge wood spots and we haven't really, have we ever had slabs like this? Not like this in redwood just   small pieces, yeah yeah so it's a really nice 
material there and this is a Bastogne a nice   round a lot of irregularities even some nice 
Punk in there that we can fill in with epoxy alright guys yeah, the three Sycamore yeah well 
we are back in Calgary now the the trip is over   it went really really good actually I think we 
ended up picking out like 15 different slabs and   we were honestly just so impressed at the way 
that GL Veneer runs their facility like it's   a 140,000 square foot warehouse there's like I 
think he said something like 85 employees there   and the place is spotless it's so well organized 
and just to top it all off of course they have   some really, really beautiful materials so we are 
just we couldn't be happier to be partnering up   with these guys they're definitely going to 
be a main supplier of ours moving forward and   we've got oh I had I show you guys one of the 
slabs that we picked out that was already sold   and it's kind of looking like already I might 
have a second slab sold so I'm really excited   to start actually building some stuff and being 
able to show all of you guys what we're gonna   create with their wood but we just wanted to we 
wanted to show you guys what it's actually like   for us when we go and pick out slabs of wood 
for our tables like what it takes you know the   facilities that it takes to produce that wood and 
just how much fun it can be too so if there's any   other questions that we're not answered in the 
video you know feel free to leave a comment below   and we'll make sure we answer that and get back 
to you and you'll you're gonna want to subscribe   for next week because we actually have a really 
really big announcement coming up next week so   next Friday's video I cannot say what it is yet 
but there is a huge announcement something that   probably one of the biggest things the biggest 
changes we've made to our business recently   so make sure you stay tuned for that I hope you 
guys enjoyed this video we'll see you next Friday

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