Building a NEW DIY Hamster cage

so for a while now I have been wanting
to create a new larger enclosure for my hamster this is going to be for bumble
and I have created a new DIY hamster enclosure keep in mind this is not a
tutorial because I suck at tutorials but if you want to follow along go for it
the products I used for this enclosure were one sheet of 3/4 thick 2ft by 4ft melamine wood and then two sheets of 1/4 thick 2ft by 4ft melamine
wood and one is going to be the base one is the back and one is going to be cut
in half for the two sides next I used a 2ft by 4ft sheet of glass as well
as 4 wheels for the bottom some wire mesh 2 strips of wood for the lid and
some melamine tape and the total came to a $120.

To start my
dad did help me build the base of the cage so we're starting off by drilling
the four wheels onto the base of the enclosure next we're attaching the back
onto the base and I'm going to give you five seconds to realize what we did
wrong that is correct we nailed the back onto
the base but the base is upside down so the wheels are on the wrong side so we
had to rip that off and redo it Next we're just cutting that one sheet in
half so that we have our sides and then we've attached on our sides this clip
here I'm showing there is Plexiglas in there I actually originally bought that
but this Plexiglass was so flimsy I think I could sneeze and it would blow over so
we decided to go with the glass method then I'm just going to place the glass
in the enclosure and I'm taping it so that it'll hold while I'm going to be
siliconing all around it to secure it to the enclosure next we are building our lid and this
method is a perfect way to make detolf lids as well for anybody wondering this
is the same method I use for that you just need to use your own measurements
so for this enclosure I am making two lids with the measurements of 21 inches
by 24.5 inches then I am just going to take some Elmer's glue and I'm
going to glue all of these sides and then clamp it down Elmer's glue is a
wonderful wood glue and when you're sticking two pieces of wood together it
will hold so good then of course I just repeated that with
the second lid and this is what they both look like.

While the glue was semi
dry I just took some white acrylic paint and I started to paint the lids because
I want them to match the enclosure then we're gonna take our Hardware mesh
and our tin snips and we're going to measure out our wire and then start
snipping away I hate cutting mesh this is my least favorite part it hurts my
hands I don't like the feeling of mesh it's it's not fun then I'm just stapling, stapling, stapling
the mesh to the wood and I repeat that with the other lid and this is going to
keep it nice and secure to our frame then I'm measuring out where I want my
handles to be because I'm going to have to drill a hole all the way through on
each side so that I can attach the handles on and then voila you have two semi
decent-looking lids then I am attaching my melamine tape to the bottom there so that it doesn't look ugly and I'm ironing it on which you're supposed to do
and this looks so dangerous but don't worry I did not burn myself thankfully and now is for the fun part and that is where we set up the enclosure so I am
just placing in some old bedding that I had left over there and then as well as
I'm putting half a bag of Aspen in there because I had it so it also gives your
hamster another texture to walk on then I am going to be layering my
paper-based bedding in there so first is a layer of paper base bedding and then
I'm taking some orchard grass hay and I'm sprinkling that all along that layer
this helps with burrowing stability it keeps burrows really nice and stable so
I'm just making a layer of that until I run out of bedding unfortunately I did
not buy enough bedding to really be satisfied with the amount I'm going to
eventually add in more bedding to here but it still is a good amount for now
but it's just I'm not completely happy with it then of course I took some of bumbles
old bedding and I put it in a bag and then I'm just adding that so it still
smells like her and it's not too stressful then I'm just adding in
bumbles hide which is the IKEA Knuff magazine holder as well as her 11 inch
wodent wheel and the rest of her accessories I also forgot that I needed to add in a
sand bath so I'm just moving that bedding out of the way and adding that
in then I'm just adding in some pillow moss
this is safe for hamsters it gives them another texture and it makes the cage
look nice as well as the sand that I'm using is reptile sand with no added
calcium or dyes and then we're adding of course our flax
wheat and oats sprays for foraging and our terracotta saucer for the food dish
and the water dish and I just put a little bit of food in there and I
sprinkled the rest in the cage as well as I'm sprinkling some herbs in there
too and then it is time to put in bumble which you guys can watch this Wednesday

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