Building a Large Staircase and How to Layout a Stair Stringer

Hey, what's up? Everyone is welcome. The channel my name is Kyle and for I wanted to make today's video briefly you just really nice and easy like you make a staircase as a stringer a template ready and I'll take the same you're through like i did like i made the climb of the run and you figured out Do you know some really simple math that will make your life a lot easier I already have this string as a template because I always like to do it that and I would always recommend Make sure a string is perfect before you go ahead and make it all but i'll show you how i did it now The first thing you need to have is the height, and not just your height Framing, but you need to know the height of your finished floor so that everything can be equated to the whole formula now for me it is one ten and one halfway through so I've already talked about boys but the builder is pro The computer that I use on site and it's just take a look I can literally go where it goes just a few times make sure there is nothing in it a hundred and ten and a half inches, that closes my floor Floor level so this is my climb that I'll make go ahead and stand on mine like this now Calculator knows that this is my size and I just press this stair button and Boom there is my riser height seven and three-eighth of an inch, so I don't I don't have to have a calculator to do this using simple math that you can Divide 110 inches by what you want or maybe you want 15 steps or 14 steps and you will get the same calculation but for a small price though They are under construction and there are probably some cheap free calculator apps out there out there but this one is really powerful and I use it all the time and I've definitely shared it with you guys now I like to use a two for the tread width Always at twelve and I go ahead and usually give a nose or an overhang myself a few inches and a quarter will all have a different width depending on the tread Much is available on the run that you have for your stairs if you're locked in, you may have to shrink that down to something smaller so the next thing i want to show you guys is when you have your calculations You may now be using one of these, not this one, but some type from a frame rafter square we already know that our rise is seven and three eighths of an inch, if you look here I've already set it up but hopefully you can see right where my frame or my purchase meets it Square is seven and 3/8 inches so that's my climb and if you see here on this page exactly where my framing square hits My sawn timber is at 10 So that means I got my square up to 7 and 3/8 rives 10 inches Now run what I do and I've already done this, I'll show you this on this other board i am first like to maximize my material so i am Come in here and just give me any first riser okay that is the angle of my first step the face of my first step and you will notice all that i have did was still rotated around my place to the same dimensions and it will give me that angle now when I turn it back Okay I have to move this one second Now when I turn it back I remember I got the set at ten and seven and Three eighths.

I'm just lining up that edge at ten exactly where this is Thing comes in straight, doesn't it? Always get away from your eye where you are think it should be and move this far past when you see what just happened It looks like I'm just in the right row a perfect perfect connection with this corner but because material is somehow rounded and funny it is always nice to Just make sure your ten inches like that is perfectly perpendicular to that Line you just made and anything you're going to do, you're going to get in here and you will make your little triangle this is what will be cut Look out for your gaze and it will be ten inches seven and three eighths one I want you to know when to determine your stair layout I told you need to know everything about your final dimensions because this first step when i just go ahead and cut it at 7 and three-eighths okay and I'll do that down that's on the floor, what's going to happen is I'll go ahead and sit down two more times twelve right here the two of them At twelve o'clock I'll be sitting here for the first time Now step that rise is actually nine eight eight and seven eighths of an inch we don't want that with this being said you have to think about your first Step you need to be an inch and a half from your seven and three eighths if I was at seven and three eighths and I'll go – an inch and a half and me can just do that very easily here by doing an inch and a half that you have to yourself need to make sure you find that out and that's what i always do dirty as a beginner as I would always forget peeling off my bum and i would end up too big by the first stage and The same applies to the Top Remember at 1/10 and a half is my top finished floor you have to remember this because otherwise you may have to about to be a top move, so we're going to go ahead and lay this out very quickly but I'll show you one more tip that will help you be more specific and For stairs, I think it's super important to be precise, so I like to do it put a little tick right on it first corner and almost go Get me a nail and then what I am I'll do this again Calculator app another advantage of using the calculator seven three eight rise That's my profile height, my riser, running ten inches gives me a diagonal of 12 and seven Sixteenth here is the cool thing i am gonna come over here and click on my ribbon Measure over that nail and I'll come down the side and I'll mark 12 and 7/16 then I'll move on and I'm going to add another 12 and 7/16 24 and 7/8 and i think you will probably understand what i am doing here but i am I'm going to go down the whole thing adding 12 at 7:16 37 516 so for the sake of the thing By the time we won't do anything, what allows me to do is do Make sure I never really get through anything because materials aren't good Wood is just a contradicting view of that I have just made my mark and it's dying so here this is basically a quick check to make sure i never get out because it is very easy to grow your dimensions by just 1/16 out of either or 1/32 each time, but that's a nice visual check to make sure my profile is Riser and my barrel always die in the exact same place I just thought would be a good little tip to remember on how to mark your stairs I'll do the whole thing and then we'll show you how to cut it out and I will give you a few tips and tricks to make sure you stay nice and accurate now if you put your stringers in if you're curious, you might saw it, you might not have it, but this is a martinez Titanium Framing Square Tool Every that's made, it comes with your name If you have to apply for that trademark this is a buddy of mine he actually gave this to I am so very blessed, but what I like in contrast to the stairs They look different from an empire, these are great, I mean they are cheap They jack seven ten dollars outside and sometimes it's hard to see that's exactly what you're doing since they bother you with these buttons in here in the middle you have free access to those outside your square, but they too are oversized so the thickness of it helps with any inconsistencies of Like wood, wood seems to be getting worse every year all those rounded edges get you some really bad stuff sometimes so these small stairs measure they don't work because they're not big Enough, these things work really well, I'm not doing anything wrong, he's a Friend of mine and this is a great tool especially for rafters so it's amazing for rafters and one day I'll show you guys that too now that we have this entire string marked this was the template you saw at the top Beginning of the video so I know it's fine, I like to go ahead and take everything from my stringers and i'll square them all but the top of the flush Side you are actually going to be cut out and then i screw them together and then because I'm lucky enough to have a boom, saw this thing I'll cut through the entire stack show you how this works i guess it is Pretty chic, I have no eye protection on myself, don't blow me up so much In the comments, I'll make sure I've taken my safety measures, but I recommend Always wear as much safety protection as you can of course guys as you can definitely see it allows you to do, it will allow you to do it making perfect templates, all of which are exactly the same as what I've always done and cut one out then i take my pencil and i would come and i would jot it down Especially what happens is when you can get off doing many of these things and then it becomes exponentially different from one to the other like that Hopefully this makes sense that I can go ahead and get all of these cut out and then Maybe I'll show you guys how to install it, we'll go from there So now I put my top on the riser pipe I will put the riser pipe in the mill and the riser in the bottom and then I'll go ahead and put this up here will come out again and be glued but that's only temporary.

I find it easier instead of having a couple of stringers standing up there like spaghetti I somehow get pasta together and then put it in place the color goes north ah ok so there is the initial shape of the staircase that it takes really likely aren't as strong as a one-off, but if you put it all down together I always like to try to make a minimum of 16 inches in the middle of some guys maybe would just do one in the middle or you can do what they call a strong back and you can figure out one two by twelve and then you put a fixed two by twelve up to the edge of the only problem with it that i have in a business that it kind of is gives you plenty of space to collect dust and dirt if you have one Cracks so this is open it will be nice and easy to keep nice and clean Okay, it's finally time to install everything up the stairs and risers and I remember myself Just make sure you do this here.

Everything remained nice and spacious, however and i have done the best as i can glue and attach the bottom and first then i take that off and now i will work my way up and install the riser only then did I almost forget the tray oops Greg, here you have your, yep, my Isis Melodies not only weren't bluetooth with yours Phone or whatever phone you could take to phone calls sound pretty good when they are Noise Canceling I think they decrease the decibels by 22 decibels as much as OSHA Certified as hearing protection on site so they are really good they are Pretty comfortable, they don't bother me I'll wear them all day when I just got back so from lunch i had no husbands and the biggest thing is that i know that when I go home you might notice – Greg, my ears don't ring when I'm lying down in bed I'm fine, yes I've just taken my router here and routed this out for this pipe I really wish the pipe wasn't there, but it is what it is and looks like I could probably make this work, but it's a bit tight so let's go ahead and direct our way just a little further all right now the fun trade Hopi never wants to change the pipe like a pile of sawdust for me Yes but actually i just wanted to add some exists or some extra holding power here on the stringers they are all screwed from behind but you know that is I will of course help as the time goes by you don't want things to move I'm going to do too much side this way they're kind of visible The eye now what to watch out for, wouldn't it fit in here because this is a strange space but my 16 inches up i have no problem getting in here and firing my shot a it's always a good feeling when you're putting the last part on work and you know that you are finally there and complete beautiful smooth transition especially when I suck it down when you look, that's what I love about G Arcades when you go inside don't make a big mess of the stuff you have right now Basically tear and clean, take a break so that they really look finished although that is a though that is, they look really good with a framing screw and that is the stairs you could add a structure under it However, I don't think I'll do that in any permanent way, I'll leave ahead and i have a piece to buy this off, i will go ahead and i will attach under this outside and the only reason i do this is because i think the customer will invoice like a little utility room underneath I'll let him do that and I'll just do it just add the prop there for grace because this is a pretty big one Staircase, as soon as it hardens completely blue it will be really nice and Salad, but yes handrail don't worry customers who do that too The whole mezzanine is all we have here for the stairs hopefully it helped Folks, if you have any questions let us know in the comments below sure if this was helpful to you if you guys enjoyed the content hit Subscribe button and follow with What we do there is a lot exciting things are coming and 2020 is going to be a good year so we will make it See you later, thanks for your support, what do you think about it? and clean ha that's clean

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