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home holiday event wedding in the NY of the core today I'm gonna show you how to
make these very popular dessert cards that you are going to love here we go hey guys happy new years and welcome
back to the very first video show of 2019 which I am so excited about because
I just know I know that 2019 is going to be an amazing year it's gonna be my year
this year I want to make projects they are on my wish list and by that I mean
that I have a wish list of things that I would like to have for my events and I'm
just going to start making them right why I am when I can make them purchase
all right guys without further ado let's just start over the video I'm going to
start off with painting and I like to get the painting out of the way so I can
dry when I make the rest of the project and right here I have a 23 inch wooden
wheel that I got from Target and I got two of these for 40 bucks and if I was
making the project or would I would totally leave it on touch because it is
beautiful and actually a little upset that I have to paint it but I do want a
white cart so I guess for the next one I will leave it in wood all right so I am
going to go ahead and paint it in white and this is a matte white alright so
let's do it okay so when I wait for the wheels to
dry I'm going to move on to the main area of big carts which will be I guess
the tabletop where the deserts are going to go on and this is melamine wood and
he already comes in white this is actually also called Shelby wood this is
what is used in closets to make these shelves and this piece came in 3/4 by 48
inches but I ended up cutting it and now it is 3/4 by 36 inches so the process is
basically very easy is really not that takeda it may be a little bit of time
consuming but it's pretty simple so basically what I'm going to do is drill
four holes on my middle of my wood and this is a 3/16 drill bit so I'm going to
be drilling all the way through on all four sides and then I'm going to be
using this for the stairs that's what it's called at the stores
I call them rails this is what you see going up the stairs the side part and
I'm using two designs this one that is just a piece of wood came in forty-one
inches and I cut them into 32 inches and these are going to be the legs so these
are going to go to the bottom and this right here I did not cut them there
untouched with the design is going to go on top which is going to hold the roof
of the cart and I'm also going to be using four so four of each okay and the
way that these are going to be bonding together with the wood or you know
keeping it together with the wood is with this dowel screws okay see that
there they go so they're you know this screw on both sides okay so I'm this are
5/16 inch by two and a half inches okay and they're only come in one so you're
gonna need to get four of these what I'm going to do next is screw this down
screw into the legs okay and I'm going to pretty much screw it in halfway in
and then I'm going to put it through the middle of mine wood and then I'm going
to screw the other part right on top of it right now it may not seem to make a
lot of sense but I promise you it's very very simple and I'm just gonna go ahead
and go step by step okay to screw in the dowel screw you are
going to need a drill I am using a 3/16 drill bit you're also going to need a
plier a rag and of course the dowel and you are going to first draw a hole
through here okay it has a mark already and you're just going to go all the way
down and it should look something like this
then you're gonna grab your dowel and you are going to place it right in there okay see that okay and this is where the
pliers and the rag comes to play okay and my husband gave me some very
specific directions on how to do this but yeah I'm not sure if I'm gonna be
following it okay so the purpose of the racket so you won't you know you won't
lose the grip you know once you start turning it so the rag is going to
protect it alright so I'm just going to turn it until it's in there halfway so I
decided to do less than half just a little bit just because I want to take
into consideration that the middle of my wood is going to go here and then the
other rest of it is going to go on the upper rail so I'm going to leave it as
it is if I need to make any adjustment I can just screw it in a little more but
first I am going to go ahead and make the holes on the middle of my wood what
you see right now is me trying to figure out where I want my host to be on my
middle of my wood and what you see here in the middle is actually foam board I'm
going to be using foam board to make my back panels and side panels instead of
wood so it can be a little more affordable for the measurements all
around is going to be two inches from this side and then you're going to have
one inch front and back okay and then in order for you to measure where the holes
going to be what you're going to do is grab your ruler and measure
from the edge to the hole which is half an inch okay so what you're going to do
is just measure half an inch and then you know where you have to drill the
hole all right guys so the hole is too small so now I'm trying 3/8 which i
think is going to be perfect I'm just going to go very slow though I'm going
to flip it over in order to place the legs right on there okay so the legs
aren't on but it's a little wobbly because I need to place the other rails
right on top and for this one you're gonna have to drill a hole right on
there as you can see where is it there you go okay and I use a 3/16 bit
for that all right I'm just going to go ahead and screw right and there it is
okay guys so now I'm going to be polishing the look of the cart and I got
this edge banding this is a white iron-on melamine edging band so
basically what this is as you can see there's expose wood right on the middle
of mine okay so what I'm going to do is place this band right on it so you can
cover that up okay and you're supposed to iron it on so I am going to show you
what you have to do first I'm going to sand the wood to make sure that it's
smooth once I place the tape according to the instructions I have everything
that I need I cut the band longer than what's needed
just a little bit and behind it you can see the glue okay so that's how the iron
comes into place it's going to melt the glue once you are in it and then you
gotta have something to smooth it out it says a block of wood or a roller I don't
have neither of them so I'm using my wood spatula close enough right so yeah
I'm gonna go ahead and place it on as I said earlier I'm going to be using
a foam board to make the back panel of my cart and I made this little swirly
shape you don't have to you can just make a straight line and just place it
on the back and also on these sides but I decided to make this one for this bag
and this one for the side so now what I'm going to do is use my x-acto knife
and cut them out now I'm going to be placing the panels on the cart and I'm
going to be using hot glue for bond and here I'm going to be cutting my side
panels this is basically one full foam board and I measured it and I just
traced a line down and I'm just gonna get my sock the knife and cut it and
then I'm going to glue it on the sides once I panel another one ago next I'm
going to be making the top of my cart or the roof of the cart and it's going to
consist of four foam boards and I'm going to be taping two together at a
time with clear packing tape once you take off sets together you are going to
make these into one so you are going to tape them together and sew so once
they're all taped together it should look something like this okay this will
be the front and this will be the back but before placing it on there I'm going
to dig the little holes at the bottom of each side on four sides so I can place
this sheer ribbon this is a very thin ribbon this is 3/8 and I'm going to
place it so it can keep the roof from pulling apart so the top of the cart is only 22 and a
half inches but I want the roof to be or to go over the rails instead of on the
rails so I'm going to give the ribbon some slack so it's going to be about 29
and a half inches instead so I'm going to give it about 7 more inches and there
it is we have a roof now I'm going to move on
to my front and back panel and in order to make this one you're gonna have to
use your wheel to cut out the shape of the wheel on here so what I'm going to
do is where I want it to be okay and then you are going to draw here and then
you like to cut that part off I hope you were able to see that and there it is
now I'm going to disappear into the back to glue this on to mount my wheels I'm
only going to be using thumbtacks and hot glue I don't want it to be permanent
on the cart I want to be able to take it on and off and I think in that way it
will not damage my legs as well so I'm just going to hammer this in add a
little glue around it so you can be snug around the wheel hole right there you don't have to play around with the
hot glue in circular motion and I'm sure there are many other ways for you to
mount this but I pretty much you see what I have once you've gone over it a
few times it should look something like this
all right guys this is it this is my dessert cart and it is absolutely
outstanding I must say guys I am bowing myself on this one this is so cool you
can use it for any occasion guys and it was so easy to make it's a little
time-consuming but oh my goodness it's a cart
I also added script stickers from Michaels
to spell celebrate and of course you can change it into wedding baby shower or
the name of the person whose party is going to be for love it I hope you guys
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guys until next time bye

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