Build Quick Easy Inexpensive Garage Shelves

Hey folks this is Jason Goode with the Goode 
Life Outdoors. It's January Рhunting season   has come to an end, and fishings a little slow 
this time of year. So typically about this time,   I start focusing on some projects 
around the house. And this year,   I'm doing some garage organization and I wanted 
to kind of have a place for all my all my main   things. You can kind of see behind me here I've 
got my pegboard with my drills and then and just   everyday items. I wanted to put some shelves 
together to hold my air compressor and my shop   vac. So I had a little extra lumber laying 
around and decided to slap some together.

I   thought I'd share that with you. So I'm gonna 
be building these shelves. I put them together   just with stuff I had laying around the house. I 
hope you enjoy the build and let's get started! So there you have it folks. Some quick, easy, 
and in my case, free shelves. If you have some   extra lumber laying around, you may try to 
knock some together yourself. If you have   any questions on these feel free to post them 
down in the comments and I will get back to   you with any questions you may have. If you like 
what you saw give me a thumbs up. If you want to   see more videos go ahead and subscribe to the 
channel, and if you do subscribe go ahead and   hit that notification button. As always, 
great to have you along on this journey,   and I appreciate each and every one 
of you.

Y'all take care! Thanks a lot..

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