Build a Stone Hearth for the Off Grid Log Cabin with My Dog | Woodstove Maintenance

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] we really hear that wind picking up it was almost calm they could hear a noise way off to the west here and that's the thunder storm blowing in it's really humid again today it's only about 20 degrees Celsius right now supposed to go up closer to 30 and closer to 40 when you factor in the humidity and here it comes so probably gonna get this severe thunderstorm we don't really need it anymore we've had enough rain for the last couple weeks Kelly come on in pop mirror come here like the ring [Music] [Applause] [Applause] gotta thank everybody for the amazing response you gave me on that last video last Friday's the one where I got hurt or I cut my finger just looking at the stats right now and times it's 12:30 on Monday afternoon posted that video on Friday so there's a hundred and sixty-two thousand views on the video which is probably a little bit below average but 1901 comments and 23,000 thumbs up I just I'm overwhelmed by the response and what you guys were able to do for me I am interacting with that video or just really really overwhelmed it I really really appreciate it that's incredible like the previous one for example the a guy wise cedar shingle roof I guess yeah the pavilion roof from the previous Friday has a hundred eighty thousand views 821 comments and eighty four hundred eight thousand four hundred and thirty thumbs up so compared to twenty three thousand thumbs up on that last video so that that helps me you because it it it encourages YouTube to share that video with more people so the courage is YouTube to share that video with more people because they assume you guys like it that much I'm hoping you did I hope you didn't just hit the thumbs up because I asked you to I hope you did actually enjoy that video and like I said I really really appreciate that you were able to thumbs up and and a few of you subscribed who said you never subscribed to a channel before or you just didn't feel compelled to in this case so like I said just overwhelmed that I really appreciate it you know I got up this morning I had a hard time getting out of bed and getting to work because I don't know it's just a couple of hot days it's been brutally hot this summer it's the end of August and temperature outside today is plus over thirty degrees Celsius which is over 90 and with the humidex of the humidity it feels like 41 degrees or today and it was not much better yesterday so I cut all those logs are those butt ends pieces for the floor of the kitchen and then I just got so tired so exhausted from the heat by the end of the day that I didn't do much last night so I'm having a little bit of a hard time of motivation right now I think it's just the seasonal thing it's working on one project for too long I'm just a restless kind of guy I'd like to get out and explore I haven't done as much of that this year my wife and I not got out much on the water together with my daughters or and I haven't done any solo trips on my own so I'm a little bit of restless so hard time getting motivated but things like that things like the response that you're giving me really encourages me to keep going and keep you know get up and do something productive every day but the fact is that I do feel some responsibility to you guys I feel like that I don't do something interesting with my life I don't film it you don't get to watch it on Friday and you don't get to be entertained or learn something which I hope I'm doing one of those two things so sometimes yeah it is hard to get motivated but I have to tell myself get up create some content for you guys but also continue to develop this place into a habitable comfortable home especially for family said many times I could easily live like this it's with what's already been here on my own but the reality is over time I think I'd probably get a little bit bored with it or feel like I'm missing some of those comforts so this solar system that I've got with lights behind you here is one of those things I'm starting to appreciate so now I'm thinking care what little things can I add electrical wise what power stuff can I add here to make my wife's life more comfortable at least and mine because the more comfortable I get this place the more she's gonna want to spend time here with me instead of me here being a woman a lot of the time so motivation comes in many forms and it takes some effort to maybe find what motivates you to me right now motivated by you my family but also the season coming to an end so I love the transitions I'd like I get little bit bored with the hot summer and then I'd look forward to falling when fall arrives the cool weather the beautiful scenery I get motivated to get things done around here especially known that winter's coming so getting all the firewood stacked up in a neat pile near the cabin finishing off the kitchen completely so that I can cook in it and be sheltered from the snow and get that next building started before the ground freezes I want to get that foundation in and the walls at least and I can probably tarp the roof so they can work inside all winter so yeah it's tired this morning and needed some motivation so my wife gave me some good advice this morning and you guys got me motivated by by the response that you gave me on that last video so thank you for that so I'm having a fun time doing something different so with this heat excited inferior anything or working on the kitchen so working inside and attempting this stonework which is coming out much better than the kitchens don't work at least so I'm happy birthday anyway finish up launching it back to work thanks I'm regretting doing something different on this wall quitting using mortar instead of a clay sand that I used on the other walls that stuff is a lot more flexible seems as not cracking this is way too thick and wasn't sponged and it was done so it's pretty rough so now I need to straighten out the lines by chiseling it straight and then when I do that I might have to clean the logs not even have to sand them a little bit so I don't know created more work for myself but I want this interior especially I don't care too much about a full exterior look but in here like it to look a little bit neater cleaner and then when I end up staining or clear coating the logs if I ever do then that mortar will stand out even more so I want to look as good as possible and I want to finish this wall right now so that I can get the coat hooks back up so I can hang my clothes instead of having them lying over the loft upper I think the right thing to do here no no still Mason as you know but I think intuitively I'm thinking that it should stop at this point and finish this tomorrow let this mortar set up and and well mostly that let it set up so that it doesn't keep settling and all the water drain out of it just thinking of with all the weight of all these stones as I get higher compressing it's probably forcing some of the mortar out and weakening the joints I think tell me if I'm wrong but that's what I'm going to do I'll stop at this point and then tomorrow morning oh you will mix up another batch of mortar and get it finished I can't I could I guess but I'm too nervous about bringing this wall up full height I just think it's going to be too much weight bearing down on this gravel and flagstone pad that the stove sitting on and I have some nails every foot or so going back like long spikes back into the wood wall I'm afraid that all this weight located in one spot of the cabinet is going to cause everything to Sag so I don't want to go up too high and add that much weight so I'm going to bring it up sort of up to mantle height maybe somewhere in here I wanted to be able to see it above the stove so maybe to here and then from there to the top we'll fill it in with a piece of some kind of decorative metal still need that the a reflector to stop the heat from the stove in the pipe from burning the wall so I need something there with an air gap sort of ring stone up to here put a piece of metal I think I know that will be safe but I hope it looks good too [Music] thanks for watching that video I'm gonna wrap it up right now I'm starting to feel the pressure of winter coming on I think what I'll do is just work a little bit longer each day try to get some of these things wrapped up so I'll make short videos and I'll upload those a few times a week so two three four times a week something like that instead of the long Friday video so if you're watching this on Friday make sure you go back and see if there's any videos you missed here in a week or tuned in in the next two or three or four days between now and next Friday I'll probably do this schedule for maybe the fall until things slow down again in the winter just like I said so that I can get lots of things done around the cabin here so I'm gonna go make dinner right now but nothing interesting I'm just grabbing some stuff off the shelves and I'll make some bean or rice soup or something like that tomorrow I've got some nice duck press though so I'm gonna make those grow them on the barbecue and make blueberry sauce or something to go with them and some wild rice so tomorrow after breakfast I'll get started right away on the earth as stone backsplash behind that the wood stove so that it has time to dry before I get the stove put back together and back into place I'll clean that chimney as well so that'll be in the next video me finishing that wall off cleaning the wood stove cleaning the chimney putting it back together getting it in place so lots and lots of stuff going on this fall and hopefully I get enough done and prepared so that I can work inside one of the buildings all winter so thanks for watching that I really appreciate it and look forward to seeing up the cabin next time take care [Music]

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