Build a Bird House for Under $5 in Under 5 Minutes

hi and thanks for watching this video I'm Tim and today I'm going to be showing you how to build a birdhouse for under five dollars in under five minutes this projects a lot of fun and it's really easy to do so follow along enjoy the video and thanks for watching start off by gathering together all the materials and tools that you're going to need for this project you'll need a piece of wooden board I'm using spruce 3/4 of an inch thick five and a half inches wide and at least four feet long you'll also need a hammer nails I'm using one and a half inch framing nails some kind of marker or pen a tape measure four screws I'm using one and a half inch long screws a handsaw or appropriate way to cut the wood and a drill with the hole saw and small bit I recommend you use a hole saw one and a half inches in diameter anything larger will attract aggressive bird species such as sparrows when you're choosing a board make sure you select one that is as straight as possible we're going to start off by marking our cuts on the wooden board starting on one side of the board from the bottom mark five and a half inches along the board then mark nine inches from that mark eight inches from that mark six inches from that mark eight inches from that mark and six inches from that mark on the other side of the board starting from the bottom make a mark that's five and a half inches from the base of the board then a mark nine inches from that mark a mark eight inches from that mark a mark six inches from that mark six inches from that mark and eight inches from that mark here's a diagram showing what the mark should look like now we're going to use these marks to line up our cuts like so I use the back of my hand saw as a straight edge to line these marks you should also label the parts so that you don't get them mixed up once you've cut them starting from the base of the board the first piece is the bottom the second piece is the back the third piece is the top the fourth piece is the front and the fifth and sixth pieces are the sides if you're not planning on painting this birdhouse I suggest you write these names in a pencil so you can erase them later now using all appropriate safety gear make all the cuts that we mark next we're going to trim down the front board to make it four inches wide measure two marks four inches from the side line them up and cut now we're going to make a hole in the front for the birds to use to get in and out of the birdhouse as I said earlier I suggest you make a hole one and a half inches in diameter next we're going to nail all the pieces together starting with the board mark the bottom start two nails in one side like so now nail it in place to one of the side pieces on the non diagonal part and then the other side piece now we can slide in the front board and nail it in place finally line up and nail the back board in place you could nail the top in place also however I recommend you instead use screws to hold it in place that way at the end of each nesting season you can clean out the inside of the birdhouse by removing the screws I also suggest you first drill four pilot holes so that the board doesn't crack when you put the screws in once that's done screw it in place the birdhouse is now complete but there's a few finishing touches you can put a nail below the hole for birds to stand on and you can also put a hook or a screw in top to attach some thread to hang it from a tree okay so that's all there is to it as you can see the construction is obviously pretty basic but I've never heard the birds complaint it's a great project to do with your kids you can of course paint it afterwards if you want to or modify the design to make it more interesting but if you did have any questions or problems with the the project drop down in the comments below I'll do my best to help you out and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I'll have more videos coming out soon you

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