Build a 12 ft gate that will not SAG!

I attend tool shows all year round when I come across some cool products I like to share with you Spyder has the best blades I've ever seen check them out welcome to Palace toolbox today I'm going to cover building a gate but a no sag gate and it's going to be large this right here is almost 7 feet tall it's 80 inches and 6 feet wide we're going to pull it right from here to here it's a little over 6 feet it's 76 inches wide I built this gate 3 years ago and it doesn't sag at all it's still perfectly aligned I don't need to make this as tall on the other side as I did this side I'm doing to put a standard size fence on it the reason why I have this one toddler is because this is my main entrance part of my house and I have a trailer back there that I want to keep hidden from the street the key to making this gate strong to where it won't sag is your lap joint okay this is half and half lap joints where you notch it in the middle of the board here and in the middle of the board here so when I put them together I'm going to glue this with a good exterior wood glue I like tight bond myself so I'm going to take my glue put it in here and then I'm gonna secure it with some screws and now this is going to become one piece it's going to really be strong this works perfect for me because it's a it's an inexpensive saw it's a little Rio B it works fine and I keep my dado blade on here all the time because I have my other saws set up to do my cutting now this is set up at 3/8 of an inch wide you can take and put shims on there and widen this out or narrow it out and this is a dado kit so you have your two outer blades and you have your chipper that will go in the center you have to put shims on here in between your chipper and your blades or you'll have these blades rubbing together and it could be dangerous you want to read the instructions before using this check out some other videos on YouTube I'm sure they have some good ones out there I may touch on it later when I'm doing furniture but right now I just want to get this fence done so we're going to get started when cutting this would always wear goggles and it's good it's a good idea to wear a mask to keep those little particles out of your lungs especially when you're working with treated lumber but this is cedar and it does bother my sinuses a little bit so go ahead and put my protection on keep in mind that some of the wood is going to be thicker than the other wood it's not a big deal I got my larger piece and notched everything from there this is about a sixteenth of an inch smaller on than the other board but not a big deal as long as you keep this square and straight when you put it together keep it tight all the way and you'll see your lion is going to be perfect I'm gonna check all four corners and they should be square I have my exterior glue in place now I set it down make sure the inside is tight don't worry if the outside overlaps a tiny bit because of the thickness of the board with all of them screwed in place now you can take and set across the wood underneath it this is going to be my cross brace set it and line it up in the corners you can take a block and put over here just to keep it even now when you set this make sure you get right on the inside corner on both sides so we can mark it and get an accurate measurement I'm not going to lap joint this one I'm going to put it straight in here as a brace and when I do that I'm going to use pocket screws and glue to to put it in place but I'll mark it right here I'll make sure that this says face in because anywhere where my screws are I want to face forward toward the fence boards the fence boards will lay across here and you won't see any screws or any holes in the back of the fence remember I wrote face in on that bottom corner because these angles will be slightly off from each other I'll put blocks under here so it's going to keep it even when I set it down this is one of the most essential tools you'll ever have when doing any type of woodworking this right here has an adjustment and if you look closely you'll see little numbers you'll have a half inch 3/4 in between those all the way up to one and a half inches what I'm going to do is set this at one and a half inches and the reason why is because my board is an inch and 5/8 and I want to get the closest thing to that I can so when you set this up on there you're going to put it right on the edge of here clamp it down and run your screws through there and your screws will come out right in the center of this now when I set this up you have to take an Allen wrench and adjust this for whatever for the pull would have the depth you want when I do this I'll stick it in and turn it around and right where I see the the main part of this stick out right on the edge of there and just my pilot hole goes past it that's what I want so I set it up just like that now I can take this put it on my board clamp it in place and drill my holes here are your pocket screws and you have different lengths this is what I'm going to use for here and this is two and a half inches right here you have a special bit with a square head that will fit right on there the reason why I say special is because it's a longer bit it's just a square head bit but that longer one will get in there I'm using my jürgenson clamps disease things are fantastic really strong clamps have my glue on here and I set a block under each side so it's going to set down evenly and hold it in place while I screw it so I'm gonna go glue the other side real quick Satur in place and it's tight nice and tight alright go ahead run our screws in see how I pulled it that's just what I want it's really secure as it will well we got one side done it was really simple now I have to build the other side when I put my fence boards on here I'm gonna set them this way so they cover up my screws all my screws of the cover on this side and it'll have a nice clean look on the backside you see this right here this can cause a little bit of a problem what I'm gonna have to do is trim this down a little bit more because this board was thicker than this one most of them were exactly the same or within a 30 seconds of each other which is not a big deal but when you have an eighth inch or more you really need to trim that down you I'm going to make my gate a little bit higher because I want to use the full board and get the full height I'm also going to cap it but um I took a board and just clamped in place right here and I clamped the board on the other side and I'm going to take a string line and run a level over there and see what I have to cut off on that side because I know that side the ground is higher and I'm going to have to trim the board there's my full length board I'm going to set it right on top of the concrete there because I that's the concrete around the post and I have to go from that height up so I'm going to set it right on here and put a clamp on it now I'll take my string line with my level I'll pull it really tight make sure that I get the height right and when I'm on spot level I'll pull my measurement 300 quarter inches that's what I'm going to take off the bottom of this board perfect timing I got these from a tool show the other day and they were given to me by mega Pro to test out their their hardened steel and I have sockets from half inch all the way down to a quarter and they're they're great because I'll have to do is clip it on to my belt and take them out when I need them well I had to cut it short yesterday because it started raining on me so I'm gonna continue right now it's slushy but I waited as long as I could for the just to dry out a little bit now when I set this up I was in a hurry and I'm a little bit low I did have my son with me at that time but I'm by myself again because he's at school so what I'm gonna do is raise this up I need to bring it up a quarter-inch because I want this to be perfectly level with each other and our gap looks really good once I take these off I'm gonna have to move this board up and you you'll see how I'll handle it if you're moving a board just a slight bit within a quarter of an inch you have to worry about this screw wanting to go back in the old hole or if you make a new hole it has that gap below it and it makes it weaker and it's this gate could sag so this is what I do I keep golf tees on me all the time shims work all kind of things like that but these golf tees are great cuz I can hammer them right into that hole and break it off and it fills it so then I can run a screw right next to it or on top of it if I and it's still going to bite so let me go ahead and take this out there's my large hole break it off okay my next step is to take and screw this together I'm going to do is take a little board run it across the backside so I can keep this even and then I can run my boards I'm putting it on the backside because I need to put my fence boards there and once I pull these it screws out it's going to make a tiny hole in there you won't even notice it well another project out of the way let me show you a couple of things first thing is this is a six foot span right here and it's perfectly even same with this side it doesn't hang it all so now you know how to build a gate and make it last and I'm gonna show you a couple of other things on the post you have to block the back up see the post right here I put a block between the post and my fence board just in between the runners and the reason why I did that was because my my hinges are gonna have screws that hit an top and bottom and all they're gonna do is grab the the face board the fence board and not a two by so you want to make sure you get a two by behind there to block it that's what's going to give it strength I am going to box these out on the inside and that'll be another video I'll show you how to box it out and put a cat board on here we'll trim it out and really make it look nice just like I did on the other side if you found this video useful hit like for me don't forget to subscribe check out Paul's toolbox calm my archive videos and I'll see you on the next project

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