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what's up guys it's travis in this video i'm going 
to show you my best terrible woodworking tips   yeah i said that right i'm hoping to show 
you guys maybe the right way to not do things   as well as maybe give you guys a little bit 
of a laugh along the way so don't forget to   like comment and subscribe and on 
to the terrible woodworking tips planning is for suckers everybody knows 
the best thing to do is just get started   and everything will sort itself out when 
it comes to selecting wood for your next   project everybody knows the wetter 
the better when in doubt use epoxy now epoxy these boards fit together terribly 
little epoxy should take care of that i really   need a piece of walnut but all i have 
is a scrap piece of pine a little epoxy   should take care of that i need to go pick up 
some wood for my next project or do i epoxy when you're all out of wood filler 
chewing gum is a good substitute oh yeah that's gonna look real nice forget about using straight boards warped or 
bowed boards at another level difficulty and   they make your project a little bit more exciting 
everybody knows that walnut is disgusting so be   sure to use at least three coats of paint to make 
sure you completely cover up all the wood grain   when sanding why waste your time 
with all these grits when you know   you're just going to end up with 220 grit anyway when you're getting ready to stain 
your final project never test   a smaller piece of wood before you do it 
because it leaves an element of surprise wow that looks nothing like i thought it would when doing glue ups everybody knows 
it's impossible to use too much glue it's gonna look really nice 
don't bother with the dust mask   wood is high in fiber everybody always says 
measure twice and cut once but think of   all the time you're going to save by 
only measuring once and cutting once if you're checking your brand new tools to 
see if they're square you're wasting your   time because everybody knows all brand new 
tools come from the factory perfectly square when you first get started in woodworking 
you should buy the most expensive tools   because everybody knows that it 
makes up for any lack of talent   i really hope you guys enjoyed this funny video 
as a little bit of a break for more serious videos   hopefully it showed you guys what not 
to do in woodworking don't do any of   these things but what you should do is 
like comment and subscribe and check out   one of these videos that will actually show 
you how to do something useful see you guys

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