AWESOME DeWalt 20v Max Cordless Set the BEST for Beginner Woodworkers

– How you doing wood worker. Today we're gonna be unboxing
this DeWalt Combo Kit, it has a drill, a driver, circular saw, and even a flashlight included. It's the 20 volt max platform for the DeWalt cordless tool series. The actual model number
of this kit is DCK466D2. So we've got an anonymous donor. He wants to remain
anonymous for the channel. He's gonna be donating
a budget every so often for me to buy tools, review and then am gonna give them away. How fantastic is that? and am a little jealous
of whoever gets this because I have wanted the
DeWalt cordless tools series for a very long time, but I've got the Ridgid line, so there's no need for me to upgrade, because I already have some. So I haven't unboxed anything
yet, I did cut the tape, am really excited to see these. Let's unbox. It comes, everything's in a bag, so we don't need this box. Well, the winner will need this box. I'll save it. So the carry bag is actually really nice. It is a nice sturdy carry bag, I like it.

So the bottom has some plastic feet that run the length of the bag,
keeps it up off the surface. It's a nylon type bag,
a really sturdy feeling. It's a good way just to store your tools or if you're someone
who travels to job sites this will be good for you. (zipper opening) Pretty good zipper. Look at that, man it's pretty. That DeWalt color is just nice isn't it. I got to get you closer,
you gotta see this before I start taking
anything out of the bag.

First on top is the impact driver. We're gonna keep all this plastic so the winner gets everything. Now we'll be using these a little bit so that I can review but
they'll be basically new. I don't think you'll mind. And it feels solid in the
hands, pretty weighty up top and it don't have a battery on there yet. Go and pull those out. It comes with two batteries,
as well as the charger. (indistinct) Oh yeah, now it's balanced. Well balanced impact
driver, that's really nice. That is really nice. Good positive feedback on the
forward and reverse button. (drilling sound) Aw, it's variable speed. (drilling sound) I did not know that, that is really nice. That is, Oh, that's nice. I like the LED lights you got there. Those come in a lot more
handy than you would think.

Man, that's nice y'all. What we got? Next up is the drill. Again the 20 volt max drill
pretty well balanced as well. It's a little top heavy, but that's okay. The same feedback you get on the on, offs or the forward, reverse
switches there, see. I did not realize, check it. So the batteries actually have a, indicator on the back. So that is extremely
handy is basically full, half full, almost empty. That's nice. It's really nice. You got positions one and
two on top of the drill. That's your… (drilling sound) Don't switch it while
you're drilling, sorry. And then of course you
can adjust the amount so you can adjust the power of the drill. Basically what happens is if you've got it set on a lower number, when
it reaches a certain tightness or a certain resistance,
it'll just start popping. (drilling sound) So you hear that grinding little slip. The more you turn it this away, the more tension will be
required before that happens. If you turn on drill, that
bad boy is just gonna go.

It kinda hurt, man. So far so good. A flashlight. I mean, I've never really seen
the need for one of these. However, my shop is lighted, so if you're a mechanic or something has to get into
tight spaces, plumbers, anybody that goes worse
inside homes and stuff this will become in handy because you can just set
it, turn the light on and then, you know, it could be a work light. I liked that it has that
little clip on there so you could hang that somewhere or even hang on your belt if you need to. The position goes all the way
up and then all the way down. So, I mean, on, off, On, off, it's a flashlight. This is really jinky feeling. It's kind of plasticky, I mean, I know it's all plastic, it's really lightweight.

It is an LED bulb in there am just not sure the durability of that. So before I take that circular saw out if you've watched this
channel any time at all, you know I've used that old
Master Mechanics, circular saw for a very long time. It's a corded circular saw and I've wanted to get a
cordless circular saw for a while or likely at some point, get one that'll go with my ridgid tools because that's what I have and trying to stick with
that same battery platform. That one works, kind of a thing, so why buy one if that one works? So it comes in bubble wrap. That's how special this one is. Lithium just had regular plastic. It's got a good weight to it. It has the blade included. So this is actually a 6
1/2 inch blade 18 tooth, this is a framing blade. Man, this is nice. (laughs) You look dawl y'all.

Whoever gets this man am
telling you, this is a nice saw. God, I should probably read
the instruction manual, but I ain't gonna. This, you can adjust the depth of your cut like any other circular saw, this tightens it down, a little flip switch on the
back tightens that down. And then of course you
got your blade guard that you can push up and out
of the way, if you need to.

And then it also has a mitre cut adjustment from zero to 50 degrees and most of them that I've seen, I may be wrong, most go to 45. So that's really cool
that it goes down to 50. So gives you a little more than the 45 then it goes back to zero. It's got a nice tension to it. It doesn't just flop, it's not loose. It's got a nice tension to it when you adjust the degrees on it. And then of course it has
the nice size plastic knob you can tighten it up to lock it in place. It also has a, here on the top, it's got your degrees zero to 45, a line so that when you're cutting you can use those as a guide. I do like that the battery
is in the back of the saw, that puts a little more
weight to the back, it gets a little more balanced. It is top heavy, front heavy a little bit and I don't have the blade
on there yet, but it will.

But man, this rubber, it's all the handle. This extra handle here
is all rubber gripped. It's really nice, it
feels good in the hand, this is a solid tool. Comes with an Allen
wrench stored right here. That's really nice. So that's for the blade,
let's put the blade on. On top here is the lot for the blade to turn so that you
don't have any slippage. You just press down on that knob and then we'll just follow
the loose and tighten. Am not even following my own directions. Discard, we'll leave it
for the lucky winner. I am gonna take, the battery off while I change the blades. It's the same as if you're
changing the blade on any saw you wanna disconnect that thing, man you don't want any accidents. It has loosened and tightened
on the cover, washer here so that you know which way to go. I like the fact that you can just store this
Allen wrench here on the tool that way it's always with you.

It's in there, I don't
think it's gonna come out. (saw cutting sound) So it doesn't spin as fast
as what I thought it would. (saw cutting sound) Interesting, also, I
noticed there's a guide on the back here of the blade shroud that gives you a depth
guide, which is very handy, I didn't realize that was there. Got a piece of oak. This is a pretty good size piece of Oak. It's probably a good inch thick. (saw cutting sound) So it cuts pretty good I think,
yep, I killed the battery. That battery is actually dead that's why it wasn't cutting well. But as far as cut, man, it
cut right through that oak. This was dead to. (saw cutting sound) (vacuum cleaner sounding) So neither battery came fully charged, most of the time they don't. Both of them died before
I could make the full cut however, it did not bog or anything. It was a good smooth cut. I wasn't pushing real fast but this is a solid piece of oak.

Most of the time these type tools are used
on construction or pine. So a lot softer material,
this worked, it worked great. Let's charge the battery and
see what we can do on pine. So this one has been charged a little bit and I wanna cut some pine. Tubafour. I just wanna know how well of
a job it'll do cutting pine which is most likely what will
be cut with this type saw. I wanna see how well
the 20 volt max DeWalt will cut a pine tubafour, tubafour. Ready? (saw cutting sound) (laughs) So cutting through pine like a tubafour versus that oak, like a hot
knife through butter, man it went right through there.

So I was actually kind of impressed but if you can't tell that's, pretty cool. Just lopped it right off of there. Same old, big old scrap piece of oak. You can pick up these driver ready bits. I got them on Amazon, I'll drop a link in the
description below to this bit set. I've had it for quite a
while and I really like it. It's actually DeWalt brand so it's gonna match this drill driver set. It comes with all the types
of Phillips, stars, square, lots of different flathead, lots of different ones you can choose from and they fit, inside those, just like that.
(drilling sound) So let's see what kind of
power we got on our impact.

So use just like two inch screws. (drilling sound) No issue at all, drove her right in there. cool, that's a little warm. Pretty good, good power, good power. You're not gonna have
any issues with that. (drilling sound) Easy peasy lemon squeezy folks. That's a good drill, man. I mean, it's got plenty of power, that was on number two. I guess you could do
it down on number one. I mean it drilled a hole. So this is the first cordless
saw I've ever used, ever and I was a little surprised at the speed or lack thereof of the
way the blade spins. Am used to the corded
circular saw that I have, it spins a lot faster. However, it didn't have any
trouble cutting the oak, I killed the battery because
it hadn't been charged had a brand new out of the box but as far as power goes, it
cut right through that oak.

I don't think we're
having any trouble there. Wood worker for $250 this
is one heck of a deal. You get a drill, a driver and a circular saw the
flashlight I can do without, I don't know if that's a value to you. It is not a value to me. I think it's just one of those things they just kind of throw in. Am not sure how many
people would buy the kit just because it has a flashlight in it. I picked this kit because I've always wanted
the DeWalt cordless set.

I like the way they feel in the hand. I like the way they look
especially these impact feels really good in the
hand, is really strong, lots of power there in
this 20 volt system. You're not gonna have
any issues with power. Yeah, I like it. I like it a lot. That's a good saw right there. I know it's a 6 1/2, it's kind of a funky size because 7 1/4 is your normal standard size circular saw this is a stop blade. Just ran through that tubafour. Just ran through and that was nice. But the oak, yeah I could tell the difference
when cutting the oak versus the pine tubafour. The oak I had to cut a lot slower but that pine tubafour just,
pop, right off there, man if you're using this on a job site or if you're building a
beginner wood work in projects like a lot of projects on this channel, man, that's gonna do you
just fine, just fine.

I recommend this set and somebody is gonna win it. You guys stay tuned to the
next video to figure out how to get this stuff for yourself. I like checking out new tools and see what I think about them. And then I love the fact that
am able just to pass that on, pay it forward so to speak, so that you guys can maybe get your hands
on some of this stuff. 'Cause I know when I was beginning I didn't have any money to buy this stuff. I thought it was awesome
when I was able to win some contest on Instagram. I actually won the DeWalt
dust extractor on there from tools by design when
he hit 20,000 followers now he's like over two or 300,000. So he's really big now. But I won a dust extractor and
it was like, super exciting. So, I hope some of you guys can also get some of this good fortune.

All right, if you like this
video go and click that (drilling sound) box right there. Takes in the next set of
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(drilling sound) right there. It's another one of my favorites. Hey, stay tuned for some more
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