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hey there guys I'm going to be building today a wooden hood to store or place whichever lamps you may want to put on your fish tank you're gonna need five pieces of wood and a stapler that can shoot Brad nails two clamps that are long enough to hold it from side to side on both sides so you can hold the pieces together why it dries up and some wood glue so I'll be taking you step-by-step the cutting part would be a different episode basically you have to take very good measurements and take into account the width of your boards sum them up so you can add subtract it from the lengths on several sides so I'll be explaining that in a different episode so let's keep start building okay so let's go into detail with regards to the pieces done themselves these two short ones would be the sides of the hood I made them six inches tall which I believe would be a pretty good height with regards to CFL bulbs and neon tubes also you can place them up and down afterwards you can decide where they're going to go and these would be the front and back of it for my fish tank in specific they are 30 inches thirty and an eighth of an inch long six inches high and this would be the top portion of the hood this will go inside the frame that I'm gonna make with the front and back pieces on the sides so I'm going to start building the sides first and then I'll place the into the top in it afterwards first of all we're going to take our two side pieces these are the ones were that are going to hold the glue first and you're gonna want to glue the sides that are going to come into contact with the front and the back of it okay let's do that okay after you add the glue to the sides you sandwich it between the front and the back piece and use the clamps to hold it in there relative space so that you can proceed to nail it down okay so you want to make sure that your piece pieces are aligned as you can see there's a little offset just grab a hammer and you tap it down not too hard or you'll dent the wood and in this aspect also on this side and keep it as flush as possible keep it nice and neat so that when you nail it down it'll stay in place and it'll look very nice and professional okay with regards to nailing the the front and the back of the hood to the side pieces you're going to want to use the stapler slash nailer slash whatever other type of gun that you have and don't nail it straight down make sure that when you're going to nail you tilt it to the side so that the nail will go in an angle why because if you have a nail going straight down and you make some sort of movement or force it'll be very easy for that small nail to just come off separate from the side in difference if you have a nail going in this direction and a nail going in the opposite direction the force that it's going to make it to pull off if it's straight it's not going to go anywhere because both are grabbing on to the bottom to the side piece indifference if they're straight down if you have any force that's that's pulling it outwards it's going to separate very easily so make sure that you at least have a nail in the opposite direction from from the other to make that sort of of mechanical connection and grip may place a couple of them at least three or four so that you'll have a better better grip okay so after it's the sides are all nailed as you can see the top of the hood fits inside of the frame that you just made you're going to do this is just a drive fit you're going to add glue all over the edge since it's kind of snug it's gonna when you push it down it's going to leave glue on the top make sure to clean that off so you can afterwards you can stain it without any problems you can use some putty and cover all the sides give it a light sanding and then you can stain all of it it all look pretty uniform that would be another video that I'm going to make afterwards you after you add the glue you place it you put it on top on inside the frame and you nail it again on the on sides in this case nailing it on the sides won't be a problem because you're not gonna have any twisting now or anything like that so make sure to staple all all the sides so that the wood won't go in or out in any moment okay so after that you're pretty much set with the hood construction in another video after I actually get the mylar the reflective mylar I'll be adding that on the inside of the hood so it will be all of it will be reflective and the lamps will be screwed in from the back to the front I'm going to have several fixtures maybe four to three depending on the bulb that you want you could even if you have a really big bulb it be just two of them you can fit those big CFLs that are 75 watts that give you 6,500 K and the light spectrum and you get like 4000 lumens out of one of them so if 4000 and something more out of each one so they're pretty strong depending on which fish tank you want that's a whole nother discussion and I try to figure it out try to get you a very simple answer but there really isn't one so I suggest that you go on the internet and look up your lighting requirements and then you can proceed to figure out whether you're going to use high output t5 s from end to end or if you're going to use CFL bulbs

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