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[Music] everybody I'm Tommy and this is the one-minute workbench micro shop it's designed to give you all of the essential features of a workshop without compromising on performance in an incredibly compact collapsible and portable package whether this is your first time here or even if you've been here before welcome to one minute workbench [Music] if you're a maker who lives in a tiny house a van on a boat or let's say you're a traveling handyman or you're just short on space for any reason whatsoever then this is the shop for you it includes a table saw a router table a jigsaw table a nine-inch disc sander a drill press and an oversized miter gauge that mitigates the need for a miter saw it also rests on large non-slip rubber feet which make it incredibly stable on a variety of surfaces as you can see here on these saw horses it's just rock solid it's built around handheld power tools that can be inexpensively purchased at Harbor Freight a benefit of using these tools is how readily available they are and how inexpensive they are if it ever becomes necessary to replace one of them one of the coolest things about the micro shop is that you don't need a table saw in order to build it it's designed to be built without using a table saw miter saw or a drill press this entire project can be built with just the tools that go into it one extra hand drill and a few smaller hand tools like a hand saw some chisels and some files in fact I built this one right here without using my table saw drill press or miter saw and I have a complete series of videos build videos that show exactly how I did that I'll add links to those build videos down in the description section it's been cleverly designed so that all of the accessories setup and teardown quickly and all of them fit inside the main compartment keeping the footprint of the unit very small it's also been designed so that the tools for the most part are not in the way of each other the table saw and router table are designed to be used from one side of the unit while the jigsaw table and disc sander are designed to be used from the other side of the unit if you do need to add or remove the tools accessories because they're all mounted with knobs they can be added or removed in just a few seconds without needing any tools to do so the table saw has a cutting depth of one and five eighths of an inch this allows you to cut standard two by material like two by fours and two by sixes and it has a removable throat plate that can be exchanged for other ones which gives you full range of the circular saws angle cutting abilities the fence is incredibly smooth very strong and very accurate accurate to a little better than a 64th of an inch there's an extended material support arm that will allow you to support much larger pieces of material and a miter gauge is about four times the size of a normal miter gauge when used in conjunction with the support arm this allows you to make cross cuts that you'd normally only be able to make with a miter saw or a large table saw sway there's also a board splitter which helps reduce the chances of kickback it's an important safety feature that's missing on most DIY table saw designs and all of the tools have safety switches so there's no way they can be turned on by accident and they're very easy to shut off the drill press gives you a four inch swing a 3 inch drilling depth and you have about 8 inches of height adjustability to allow for drilling materials of different thicknesses the drill press is lever operated and it has a very smooth action and a very strong spring return I can only really think of two downsides to the micro shop number one including the tools that go into it this build will cost you somewhere between 400 and 450 dollars it's a lot of money if you think about it as a single project however if you consider the value it gives you it's actually a really good deal there's probably no other way you could get this much functionality for under 500 dollars and there's certainly no way you could get this much functionality in a package this small and portable for under $500 and number 2 it doesn't have any dust collection I could have added dust collection if I had made the package a few inches bigger in kind of all three directions however my goal for this project was to make it as portable as possible as compact and portable as possible so for this version I've opted to leave the dust collection out although I haven't gotten to it yet there's one more major feature I'm going to add to the micro shop and that is I'm gonna build a container for it that will double as a bench when it's not in use and when it comes time to use it the bench will double as a base for the micro shop so that you don't need sawhorses or any other type of supports if you want to build one of these for yourself I offer plans for sale on my website the plans include a complete shopping list with part numbers and provides step-by-step instructions in very great detail and again the plans will show you how to build this even if you don't already own a table saw miter saw or drill press hey thanks for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video if you haven't already be sure to LIKE and subscribe and make sure you hit the bell icon so you get notified every time there's a new episode I'd love to hear what you think of this micro shop in the comments section below and if you have any quick questions you want answered hit me up on Instagram Facebook or Twitter and until the next time I see you I hope you have fun building something

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