ABSOLUTE BEST Way to Transfer Any Photo to Wood Quickly!

How to Use RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper In your photo editor You will want to mirror your image. When you are happy with how it looks Get ready to send to printer Load the RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper To print on the side with the dot Send to LASER printer Cut out what you want If transferring to wood be sure it is smooth/clean. Locate where you want to transfer and mark with pencil (optional). Apply Gel Medium generously Smooth out to insure good coverage Apply image and use brayer to make good contact. Squeeze out any excess gel. Set a timer for ONE MINUTE Carefully clean off any excess. At one minute, carefully remove paper by gently lifting an edge then pulling back horizontally (not up!) Great transfer! Give time to dry before applying any sealers. Visit RixCanDoIt.com for purchase details.

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