6 Essential Tools Beginner Woodworkers Must Have (I’m GIVING Them Away)

– How you doing woodworker? Today we're gonna talk about the essential tools that a beginner woodworker needs to start
making awesome projects. Let's go. You don't need those expensive table saws miter saws, jointers, planers all that big, old, very
expensive equipment just to start building. So starting out, all you're gonna need is a way to cut the wood and a
way to put the wood together.

That's a basic overall
principle of woodworking. It can be a little more complicated than that when you get into
different types of joinery but you're still cutting the
wood and putting it together. So let's don't over complicate
things and make it seem like this is not an attainable hobby or business to make. You can do this, it's not that hard. Don't let others make you
think that it's some kind of exclusive club that
nobody else can get into unless you have $10,000 to start a shop. That's just not true. You don't need $1000 to start a shop. I dare say for $300 or less, if you borrow your tools or by them used, you can get started making projects like I started making on this channel. So making those types of
projects sold extremely well. I have several videos on
my top selling projects. I've sold tons of this stuff locally and online for the smaller items. I don't ship large items. So if you're looking to
get started woodworking you want some basic tools.

I recommend a drill and impact driver set, a circular saw, a pocket hole jig, a square, and a tape measure. So that's six items that
I think you need to build the type of projects on this channel. So these tools will be linked
in the description below, if you wanna go check
them out for yourself. I will also link a less
expensive combo set in the description. If you don't have $250 to go
buy a combo set like this. I'm a big fan of Komelon tape measures. I bought this one. It's gonna be included in the giveaway. I use one every day. I just did a video on tape measures. If you go back and look, and then also the Swanson Speed Square. The reason I recommend this
one over just a regular square, is because you can cut degrees with it. You can mark and measure degrees.

So like on the, or the Jay
Bates chairs and benches they all have 10 degree legs
on them at 10 degree angles and several other 10 degree cuts. That's how I started was
with a Swanson Speed Square. It's very simple build. So for cutting the wood, just a simple, (blowing air) just a simple circular saw. This is the DeWalt six and a quarter or six and a half inch circular saw. This is a really nice
saw, like really nice. If you go back and watch the unboxing or the review of this video, it just smooth right through that two by four smooth as butter, just (makes swooshing noise) right through it.

This impact driver has a lot of power. I was able to drive a
screw right through oak. No problem at all, right through there. This is a really nice
compact impact driver. This is great for driving
screws, things like that. This is what I use. Well, actually I use the
Ridgid for driving screws with, but this one is really nice. Then you got a drill just
for drilling pilot holes different types of drill work.

You just, I mean, as a woodworker, you drill a lot of holes, and this little drill is all you need. You don't need this specific brand. You can buy Ridgid. You can buy a Ryobi, you can
buy Porter Cable, Kobalt. Any of those tools starting
out will be perfectly fine. So I have an anonymous
donor on the channel now. He's donating funds to
be able to purchase tools for me to review. If you haven't seen the unboxing review of that DeWalt combo set it's the last video right before
this one, go check it out. This is what's awesome about that.

I'm giving this tool set away. It's a drill. It's an impact driver. It's a circular saw and a flashlight. Not only that, it's a Kreg K5. I call this a beginner woodworkers set because that's what I used to start. I was able to take a circular saw and a drill and start
making awesome project. So what can you build with
just a circular saw, a drill, and a square? Basically is all I had to start with. Let me tell you, I built this
Jay Bates chair and table set. I also built a bench that matched it once I got the Kreg R3 pocket hole jig. The R3 was like $30, $40 to get started. So I chose that one because
it was less expensive but you'll notice the difference in the chair set that
have the screws exposed. You can see those screws right here.

And then the bench that's
very similar design. It's actually the same
footprint just stretched out. I use the pocket holes
to put that together and you don't see those screw holes. So it makes it a cleaner look. However, you don't have
to have a pocket hole jig. You can do this stuff without it. The other projects I made with
just having a circular saw, a drill, and a square are
this very basic coffee table a simple entryway or
hall table like this one some very simple benches like
this, a small console table specifically out of two by fours.

That's all this was made out of. I even made an end table
with just two by fours and some one by material
for the bottom shelf. All with a circular saw,
a square and a drill. That's all you need. I even was able to make
this farmhouse dining table and a bench to match. Circular saw, drill and a square. Look at this thing. I mean, I'm still proud of it to this day.

And it was my very first one,
that was a commission sale. Somebody asked me if I could make it, I was like, "I think, I think I can." And so I started it and
was able to do this. It's built only out of two by fours I think the top was two
by eights or two by sixes, two by eights there was
no jointing going on here. It was all screws and pocket holes. It come out good, man. I'm telling you this table looks so good for just being able to use
circular saws and drills.

You can do this stuff with basic tools. Also notice that my workspace
was in the living room. I wanted to give a huge
shout out to Mrs. 731 for allowing me to use the
living room as my finishing area before I was able to move into this garage that you see here now. So do not be ashamed of humble beginnings. I started out with those borrowed tools. Some of you are starting
out with those type tools. You can pick them up used. You can pick them up new,
whatever you're starting with, you don't need a bunch
of tools to get started. These are essential,
basic woodworking tools. Like I said before, all you
need is a way to cut the wood and a way to put that wood together. A circular saw, a drill,
impact, and a pocket hole jig really is all you need.

You don't even need the pocket hole jig, but it is nice to have. How are you going to win
the DeWalt combo kit, Swanson Speed Square, the tape measure and the Kreg K5, all in
one little awesome bundle. And not just a Kreg K5. It comes with a face clamp and a box of screws to get you started. So you're going to have
everything you need, minus maybe a driver bit and the drill bit to get you started. How do you win it? Man, I really wish that I was able to give every single beginner woodworker who has nothing, or has like, really older tools that
they're really struggling with. I wish I could give you, every one of you, one of these kits. The fact is that I can't.

My hope is if you don't need this stuff, you won't enter the contest. There will be other tools coming that if you need, you can enter. Please refrain from entering,
if you don't need it. Now, if you want to enter in the description below
is a link to gleam.io. I'm going to use that as my
giveaway, click that link. It takes you to that. That's where you're going
to enter the giveaway. And then there'll be a random
drawing there on February ninth on our live show called "Live Edge". We have that every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM right here on YouTube. You can join in. You do not have to be present to win, but we will draw the
winner live on the show. Good luck. This is not sponsored by YouTube. They have nothing to do with this. This is from the anonymous donor that I'm just paying
it forward to you guys. Check the link in the description below for the official rules. This is U.S.

Only. So I'm very sorry to anybody who is outside of the continental U.S. (drill whirls) Somebody's gonna get lucky. I'm telling you. This is an awesome prize kit
for a beginner woodworker. This is all the tools you need to win this to get you started. This could change your life. Can tools change your life? They changed mine. Five tools changed my life. I think I'll make a video on that. "Five tools changed my life." All right. So if you like this video
go ahead (drill whirls) click that box right there click in that box, takes you
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I'm very excited about it. See you on the next one..

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