5 Common Woodworking Mistakes Beginners Make

– Today we're gonna talk about
the top five biggest mistakes that new woodworkers make, stay tuned. How are you doing?
I'm Matt with 731woolworths.com. Today, we're gonna talk about
all the mistakes to avoid as a new woodworker. Even if you're not a new
woodworker, you can add value to this video by commenting
below and let others know what your biggest mistake was when you first started woodworking. One of the first mistakes
new woodworkers make, you think you've gotta have all the tools. Overspending on tools will
hurt you in the short-term because you're spending all of
your proceeds and your profit from your builds on
tools you don't need yet. I started as many of you
know with a couple of drills and a circular saw and was able to make
some awesome projects.

You don't need the
latest and greatest tools to make woodworking projects. So get the basic tools you need. A lot of times you can
buy those combo kits, buy Raul, be it DeWalt,
Milwaukee, that kind of thing, and get most of everything
you're gonna need for simple woodworking projects. As a beginner woodworker, you're gonna be making
beginner woodworking project, probably not gonna jump
straight into building some advanced stuff, so you don't need those
advanced tools yet. So hold off on just going
out and going gangbuster to buying mitre saws and
table saws and drill presses, jointers and planers and all that stuff that you can eventually build up to, and you'll eventually need if you're gonna stay in woodworking, but you don't need those things up front. So I have a video all about what you need to get started woodworking. I'll drop a link in the description below. It's all about beginner woodworking tools.

Basically all you're gonna
need some way to cut the woods, some way to put the word together. That's really basically it, if you just boil it down
to the bare bone basic. If you have the money for
a table saw, they are nice, they are awesome. I love my table saw,
I use it all the time, but starting out, there's no
way I could have dropped $600 on one and not been okay.

I mean, that would have been taking food out of my family's mouth at that point, and so there was no way I was
gonna spend that kind of money on a tool that I could get
around by using other tools until I was able to
build up enough profits from the business to buy one. So overspending on tools. Some good ideas to buy tools, pawn shops. I heard a lot of people
say they buy some tools at pawn shops. Look on the used market and see if you can find some used tools to save you a little bit
of money starting out. It's a good way to do it. Second mistake I think a
lot of new woodworkers make is you doubt yourself. Self doubt kills your dreams folks. You can't just constantly be
so negative with yourself. And I'm not telling you to go out there and pick out the most advanced
table you've ever seen with a bunch of ornate
carvings and stuff like that. Of course not. Not starting out, I'm not gonna pick
something like that now. Be realistic with your projects,
but don't doubt yourself, have a little belief in yourself that you can actually do this stuff.

It's made of wood, if it
doesn't come out right, just burn it. I've taken on several projects
that I wasn't exactly sure how it was gonna turn out at the end, some of them first-time builds for me as a commission project. I'm not saying you should do that, but I knew that I was gonna
be able to figure it out. And so by taking on those projects, I learned a whole bunch of skills. One because it put myself in a
position where I had to do it because my customer was depending on me to deliver the product. So now I know that I have to get it done, so it puts a little added pressure on me and makes me want to succeed in that area. So I wanna make sure that
I'm doing the right thing, so I do a lot of research.

You do videos, that sort of thing, and then just start building the project. I have made several mistakes
while I was building, and it cost me a little bit of money, but that's okay because I
was able to learn something. I know that I can build that now. And it's in my portfolio of things that I'm able to offer customers. Remember Ms. 731 always says, if it's made of wood,
it's not set in stone. If you mess up, invite the neighbors over, y'all are having a
marshmallow roast tonight. Stop doubting yourself
that you can't do something because you haven't done it before. It's not an excuse. You're just telling yourself that, so you don't have to
get out there and do it. There's ton of projects that I've built, like I said, that I had never done before. And I'm not gonna sit here and tell myself that I can't do it. I'm gonna have some doubts, may have a little few doubts saying, I don't know how this is gonna work out, but I know that I can figure
it out, and so can you.

Problem is that there's
a lot of people out there that have a whole lot of don't want to. That's not you because
you're watching this video trying to learn what not to
do, what mistakes not to make. So you have some want to, you're trying to learn as much as you can and make as few mistakes
as you possibly can when you're starting out. And that's awesome. I like both six, got some won't too. Lazy has always gotten
on my nerves, always. Believe in yourself and
get out there and build it.

If you mess up, don't
be too hard on yourself. I see my mistake, you're
gonna see your mistakes. When you see those mistakes
and you build that project, don't start telling your customers, well, this is where I made the mistake. That takes me into the number
three mistake beginners make. You see all your mistakes,
you know everywhere you made a mistake in every
project you've ever made. You can point it, you can
walk up to them, point it out to this day. Doesn't matter if you've
been building for a week or for two years. The problem is when you start
pointing out your mistakes to your customers, they
don't know where they're at, they don't see that tiny little gap, they don't see where the
measurement was off here or there.

Don't tell them the
problems with your projects. If it's a glaring error and you know you've made a bad mistake, you probably need to
start the project over, figure out a way to fix it. But those minor mistakes and
those minor errors in there, the customer doesn't need to
know those, that's character. They don't care about
your little tiny mistakes. They don't care about that little gap. They don't care about it be an off a quarter
of an inch here or there if it comes out like it's supposed to. What happens when you start
showing the imperfections in your finish, the
imperfections in your paint, the imperfections in the measurements or whatever it was that you messed up on, what you're doing is showing
your customer all your mistakes and telling them you're
not competent enough to order from again.

I'm not telling you to be dishonest, I'm telling you that the
tiny minor mistakes you see may not be that to another person. So don't just point out
every single mistake you made when they come to pick up their order, or if you're delivering it, when you deliver it, don't
just start showing everything where you think you did wrong. It's okay if a custom-built
piece of furniture is not exactly perfect, that's
what makes it custom-built, it's not supposed to be perfect. We are imperfect beings, we're not ever gonna make perfect
things, just can't happen. Another mistake that
beginner woodworkers make is either underpricing or
overpricing their project.

Now I have a pricing
video and I have a video on every project I've made
on what I price to that. You can check those out, there'll be linked description below. Main thing you wanna do is
do a little bit of research. If your project materials cost
$100, don't sell it for $125. You're not doing anybody any favors, you're hurting your business, you're hurting all the other
woodworkers in your area. What happens is you're
undercutting everybody. So you're selling this project for $125 where everybody else
is selling it for 225. Yeah, you're getting some
orders, but what's gonna happen is you can't sustain that. So what do you think happens? You're working your tail
off for $25 of profit when you're spending hours
building these projects. Well then now that you've got
a few customers wanting this, you start getting a bunch
of orders at that price, and you're working your rear
end off trying to keep up with those orders at such a low price that you're not making any
money, you're wasting your time.

So you stop doing it. But what you've done is you've hurt all the other
woodworkers in your area. You guys are not competition,
you guys are friends. We're all in this together. There's no reason to undercut everybody. I'm not telling you, you can't
undersell them a little bit, $20 here or there. There's other ways of making that up. They can use higher quality materials, higher quality paints, they already have an
established customer base. But if you're out there
undercutting everybody's price on purpose, it's not gonna last, you're not gonna stick
in the game very long and you're not gonna make
any money doing it anyway.

The name of the game, if you're
in business to make money, you wanna make a decent
profit at a fair price. On the other end of that spectrum is if you're overpricing things. For instance, if I got out
of the soul have handy, widow mallet that I made
a couple of years ago. If I try to sell this thing for $300, you know what's gonna happen? I'm not gonna sell it, nobody
is gonna buy this wood hammer for $300. Mike could get 50 to 75 for it maybe, if a woodworker needs one and I don't wanna make one theirself. If you build an end table
out of spruce or pine and you try to sell it for
$500, probably not gonna happen. So just be mindful of the
materials you're using, your skill level, and then
what you're pricing it at.

You wanna find a good, happy
medium on your pricing. I believe that my pricing
video will help you there. I'll drop a link in the description below to how to price your woodwork. I think another mistake we
make as beginner woodworkers is trying to do it alone. I've had huge support from my wife. She's been absolutely amazing. She has helped me sand projects, she's helped paint projects. She has been absolutely amazing. I can't ever thank her enough
for the amount of support and work she's put in to this business. You may not have that
support, but you're not alone.

You can follow me on
Instagram @731woodworks. The whole woodworking
community on Instagram is there to support each other. I've gotten a lot of advice
about Etsy, about selling, about pricing, about building projects, all from woodworkers on Instagram,
we're there to help you. But be sure that you're connected in some type of woodworking community, whether that be Instagram
or any other social media. It's a good tool to have on your side. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says
"A person standing alone "can be attacked and defeated, "but two stand back-to-back and conquer. "Three are even better
for a triple-braided cord "is not easily broken." Who's watching out for you? You team up with somebody or
if you've got huge support in your life, you're
asking for help and advice, it's gonna make your business stronger. It's gonna help you
starting out woodworking and make it a whole lot
a smoother transition than some of us have taken on. The main thing is as
a beginner woodworker, you're gonna make mistakes, we all do.

Main thing is to stay safe. Make sure you adhere to the
safety warnings of your tools. They will hurt you. They will hurt you bad. Always respect that tool. It doesn't matter if you're
using circular saws, table saws, hand saws, drills, no matter
what you're using you be safe. Make sure you respect the fact
that that tool can hurt you, and it can hurt you bad. If you make other mistakes
that don't injure you, that's okay, that's how we learn. We learn from our mistakes. Most of us do anyway. I've learned a lot from my mistakes. And so, as long as you're
learning from those mistakes, you're gonna make progress, and making progress is what you're after. If you're trying to build a business and you're trying to sustain
a business in woodworking, if you're just starting out, make sure you take the advice of others, seek out the advice of others.

Don't under overprice your projects. Don't buy a bunch of tools
you don't really need. Believe in yourself. That's gonna be the main one. Don't point out your
mistakes to your customers, they don't care. If you believe in yourself, if you believe you can make a go at it, you'll take yourself
a very, very long way. If you doubt yourself, and you're constantly
talking negative to yourself, that negative talk is gonna get in there and it's gonna get down in your soul, and then you ain't gonna be able to do it, 'cause you already doubt yourself, you've already planted that
seed that says you can't. I say you can. That's what I'm doing,
I'm planting that seed that says you can do it. Get out there, get off your
tail, quit doubting yourself, go out there and make some sawdust. That's the only way
you're gonna get better is you start making sawdust. Stay in your house and you
sit there and think about how many projects you can't
build with the tools you got.

Of course you can't build them 'cause that's what you've told yourself. If you get out there and
tell yourself, you can do it and you say, I can't do it, I've only got a drill and a
saw, I'm gonna look up projects that'll only take a
drill and a saw to make, and then I'm gonna sell those, and I'm gonna take the
profits and buy a table saw. I'm gonna take those
profits and buy mitre saw, I'm gonna take those profits
and buy whatever you need next to build the project
you're wanting to build. That's how you build the business. Believe, you gotta believe in yourself. If you're a new woodworker,
drop a comment below, let us know that you're new.

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