#36 How to make a Sand Scoop for $0, DIY Project

hey guys yeah another little DIY project raining again can't get out so what I'm going to do is show you how to make one of these if you're on a budget now the one I'm going to show you I quite enjoy using it more than this to be honest because this is a bit too heavy what I'm going to show you what make is one of these it's all going to add a PVC plate that's a bit of down pipe the gutter and this is just normal water pipe so anyway I'll show you what to do I've already cut a few pieces here there's the piece is going to be for the bottom and then the smaller piece here which I shall cut and I shall open it up and flatten it off with a heat gun so I can make end cap for the end and yeah we'll get to it and I'll show you what I'm doing now first thing I need to do I want to cut some little tiny pieces off of here about or probably less than ten millimeters thick I'll show you what they're for later I need two of those okay next thing I'm just going to cut these two and I'm going to cut this one down through there all right now the tricky bit what we need to do is cut this at about 45 50 degree angle No now this one here which our car I'm going to cut it again on the other side two pieces let's be bucket of lead okay we'll just leave that on there for a few minutes all right I've been there a few minutes got my flat plastic what I want to do now is get that marked on – there see easiest way of doing it I'm just going to put it on top hold it down when you holding it down try not to squash it or anything because that will change the shape of it okay cut this out okay next thing I want to do is find the bottom the center of the bottom so we start laying out for all the holes and also I'll need to find a top all right what I found out doing the other ones that I've done is these still rule is if you do the width of that and they work out just right for the holes distance between the holes that you've got to drill in it well we got think about here is this inside piece you got a section that runs along there so you want to try and keep it that way the easiest way I found are doing these holes is using one of these step bits and I make the holes 18 millimeters just under three quarters of an inch 18 millimeters and that's it just got to go mad okay where's the holes done I've not gone to that row I want to try and keep a bit of strength in the top for when we put the handle on I don't go too close to the edge here because you're only scooping now and you do all your seven back in that piece so I'll do the holes in the back in a minute there we go there's the holes in the end inch-and-a-quarter 34 millimeters piece of pipe now what I did was our two pieces the same cut it down through the middle with a saw I actually did it on my table saw but you can do it with a saw I've done it with a saw to cut a piece out of it and then slid that inside another piece so I don't know if you can see that is actually two two pieces of pipe just a bit a bit more strengthened to it the angle that you need to cut on here is about 70 degrees 7-0 for that to go on there and I found that to be about the right sort of angle the other thing you'll probably want to do is take a belt file and just try and round it slightly just so that it you know fits a bit better on on the top of the pipe I want to put a short piece of wood into the base of the handle and glue it in there so when this is on top I can put a screw up through here and into the wood in the base of the handle you'll see what I mean in a bit what I've got I've got a hole both sides when I witnessed was used for a different thing I had a bolt I think it was straight through so I might put a couple of screws in there but I'm not going to go very far I'm only going to go in just a little bit just to give it a bit of strength and silicone it in there that's it all right so I've cut this to length and I've cut 70 degree angle on the end I just want to take it just under there it's all put a bit of this next thing I've got to do is I've drilled a hole in here you can see there's going to be a bolt coming through and I want to put a pilot hole in the middle down so that's the next thing I'm going to do okay so what I've got we'll just cut this piece of plastic which I'm going to glue inside here just to give that a bit more strength on the top and then I've got the bolt which I'll stick through into the bottom of the clothes so I'll get this glued up into there first I'll come back all righty so what I've done are two pieces of plastic and I've glued those together then I shall silicon-silicon that in there and then obviously I should love to look leave it all care and hardened off I should put a bead of silicone around here as well I'll just go a bit mad with a silicone okay here it is little silicone doubt money to put a bit more still come on it yet see what it's like tomorrow I'll leave it for 24 hours put it harden off oh yeah one soundscape next time you see all these and hopefully it's me thanks for watching guys you

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