$25 DIY Barn Door; Old Door Makeover

let's take this store from this to this [Music] so if you have any questions leave us a comment the questions below hey guys this is Justin from remodel holic thanks for coming back so I went and Sketch up i sized up the door and I put a design on it and Kass and I talked about the final design that we like so what we're going to do is go with this design right here that has a nice X right in the middle big tall one it's got room for the handles we're gonna use the same hinge locations where we're going to update the hinges two black hinges to match the new doorknob so the first step that I need to do right now is I'm going to take my sander at about eighty to a hundred grit and I'm going to sand off this hold stain easy just stand that off nice and smooth [Music] now that I have the door sanded I'm going to draw five lines equally spaced across the width of the door these will be my guidelines for when I'm cutting with circular saw that eighth of an inch channel to make the appearance of the planks I'm going to take my circular saw and I'm going to set the blade depth at 1/8 of an inch I found a nice straight piece of molding that I'm using as a fence as I'm cutting this one eighth of an inch depth channel across the door now I'm gonna take my utility knife with a nice clean razor blade at a 45 degree angle cut off both sides of the channel to give it a little bevel key [Music] so I just went to the lumber store I picked up the lumber that I need to create the X and the top bar and the bottom bar the top and bottom bar I'm going to use a 1 by 8 and I'm going to cut that to length and then the X I'm going to use a 1 by 6 so the size of the lumber is 3/4 of an inch thick I'm actually going to take my planer and I'm gonna plane it down so it's just below half an inch thick I don't want it to be so bulky but I do want it to have some interest I think it'll look really nice and then I'll go through and I'll cut the pieces to length I'll sand off the edges sand off the surfaces of the boards and get them all fit and ready to be glued in place so I got the two top and bottom pieces clamped in place now I'm gonna measure for the length of the two diagonal boards that create the X so what I do is I lay the board across where I want this corner to match this corner and then I do the same thing on that end and then draw a line straight across with a straight edge and then over here do the same thing and that gives me the right kind of angles for both sides and I'm going to cut those two lengths and then sand it [Music] all right here's the second X getting placed and marked so if I'd to sit that on top draw a line where they need to be cut it makes a really nice fit so it just finished cutting the X pieces and they are all sanded and ready to be stained so one of the challenges I have right now is the door is actually a different wood and kind of a different tone than the the white pine that I'm using I'm gonna try to stain this new wood to match a color of the old wood because I want this door once I put a final layer of color on it to look all uniform and nice I'm going to take a piece and do some test staining to see if I can get an even tone between the two types of woods I test a whole bunch of stains to see how the door and the new cross pieces are going to look and you came up with the poplar journey that we're gonna use some dark walnut the dark and walnut I'm gonna do like maybe two or three coats on the pine so it really darkens it up but I'm just going to do one quick coat on top of the door because that's an open-air it's gonna take it dark pretty quick so I'm just gonna lightly put it on so what I did on the door is I drew out kind of a rough outline of where the X is going to be because I don't want to necessarily stain in that area I want the glue to really adhere to it so I'm going to leave those areas unstained but I'm gonna stain everything in between it I might have like a little half an inch overlap but that way it'll have a nice clean look when the two layers are so I'm just going to use a rag and quickly wipe it off wipe it off a little bit of darkness [Music] [Music] I'm gonna stain all these pieces separate so that I don't have big puddles on the edges in between the boards and the door once they're all dried I'm gonna take and glue them all and place tack them with a nail gun and let that dry and be finished and see how that looks together as all the board's okay this is how it's looking it's actually coming together quite nice using the dark walnut on the open ear and the pine boards it's looking quite uniform which is good that's a good character in the pine boards not so much in the oak but still I think it's gonna look awesome [Music] so I went to the hardware store I'm going to replace those old nasty hinges with some nice black ones this is a removable pin I'm gonna make sure this pins on top so this is the top of my door and I'm gonna install it on like this actually Maya [Music] so let me go get the door let's put it in place [Music] [Music] [Music] this new hardware is optional keep in mind it does increase the project price [Music] there you have it we've got our nice new handle one thing about this handle I do want to let you know this is an exterior handle this portion so if the doorknob set I'll leave a link in the description below of where we bought it but we like the exterior version so we put it on the inside you just got a note that on the opposite side are the screws to take off the handle so we're gonna put a deadbolt up here that's place the proper way so nobody can just unscrew it and get in the nose so what do you think is this a project you want to take on tell us in the comments below if this is a project you'd like to try out if you have any questions leave it in the comments below be sure to like this video subscribe to our Channel don't forget to hit that little Bell button cuz when we get new videos you can get notified check out this 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