2 Stage Harbor Freight Dust Collector

hi guys do you have a single-stage dust collector in your shop so do i this one just so happens to be the Harbor Freight model which is a great value for the price point by the way but I'm sick of after every couple jobs having to come over empty the dust bag and shake out the filter bag to get any air flow back into my system today I'm going to convert this single stage system to this dual stage system using a super dust deputy cyclone from Oneida let's get started so funny story about this top that's on this I made this a while back when I had an idea for a dual mini cyclone setup which was super cool and I kind of worked but it restricted my air flow by about 50% so obviously that's having to work for a shop system so I made this back then and I'm going to try to salvage it now because it's such a beautiful fit in the trench I'm going to be bolting my system to the wall and I'm going to loop it through these boards so I don't have to take anything off I'm going to mount everything to this frame usually three words apply now this is where the motor is going to mount and this one is going to hold the lid of the trashcan this top one I need to go full holes and actually mount the motor on this before I clear it up because I want through bolts with nuts on back and washers come on this side I grab the drill when Ida is kind enough to give you a template that you can print out on their website I've already marked out two of the whole locations with my intake over here before I attach anything I'm going to flip the cyclone over and apply the gasket that Bonita is kind enough to supply want to make sure you're inside the bulb holes but you get these flanges on the outside as well the boat's supplied with the cyclone are long enough to extend through my lid so I had to get some longer two-and-half I'm now going to make the L brackets to hold the top of the cyclone in place and I'm going to do this using a class since my table-saw doesn't have any dust collection I'm just going to use a circular saw and bandsaw to do this to turn these brackets into some super brackets and let's put some half inch ply on the side I cut these down to 15 by 15 already and I'm going to mark them out and cut the angle using the circular saw now that I got the motor in cyclone aligned where I needed to be I need to mount the brackets to hold the lid in place you can see that I have spacers below the trashcan and this is the height I want to hold it at when all systems are go didn't think ahead very well when I put these pocket hole screws in to hold the lid to the racket so now I'm stuck cutting them down by hand this little ratchet has come in very handy I want to mount the filter underneath like this so I need to make a lid to go on the top I think I'm going to hang it by hanging these L brackets above the tub and mounting it on a lid that I make for this particular dust collector I'm going to make a lid that has two pieces to it so an inner lid and an outer lid so it clips in and I can put screws from the side to mount it sturdily in place the inner ring has to be about 18 and 15 sixteenths diameter and then I'll make the outer lid anything bigger than that that I can mount the L brackets to I'm using this awful piece of 3/4 inch plywood that I pulled out of my old workbench I'm going to cover it with a nice piece so it doesn't really matter what it looks like underneath so I got my tub lid together and I've made the bracket that's going to mount it to the wall and it's implied went to the out brackets that I made earlier just for some structural assistance I also want to make sure you fill in the previous mounting holes I used a couple layers of I guess it's that tinfoil duct tape that you use on the duct using the center engine then they will experience just to drag so obviously the sorry Wow to close off the bottom of this filter and to push the air through the filter I'm going to use this typical 20-inch diameter dust collector bag that is able to get I cut it down real quick and I'm going to use the band clamp from the original Harbor Freight dust collector which I had to shorten just a little bit I I browned out the ridges and Thomas bolt in and mushroom you to empty the dustbin is as simple as pulling out his cams dropping down and if you do have to clean out the filter it's as simple as blowing some gentle compressed air back into the filter and then you can clean it out with the dust bag if drastic measures must be taken there are only six screws holding this on to this donut in the holding will drop right off well so far I think this system is great as for the build the bracket turned out way better than I thought very very sturdy and nothing Wiggles around very much at all definitely pleased with that as for the cyclone and filter itself the super dust deputy is definitely doing a great job I haven't seen a single chip come through to the clear bag below I've ran a couple things through the jointer and planer as you guys saw haven't seen a single thing I definitely think the airflow in the system is up by a good margin I'm not going to get all scientific about it in this video but I will run some manometer tests but I can tell you right now just for the put in my hand underneath the pipe there's a lot more airflow so that's excellent news if any of you guys would like to possibly build a system like this I will have a link in the description below to Oneida where you can find the super dust deputy you guys have any questions or comments about this build or any of my other videos please leave them in the comments down below I'll be sure to answer them hammer that thumbs up button and help us out a ton if you're new to the channel I'd love to have you subscribe so you can see all the videos that we put out on DIY Tyler you guys have a good one

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