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what's up HDTV I'm Ben Napier from HGTV's hometown and I'm J Pickens from HGTV digital series DJ work welcome to my woodshop this is my woodshop it's ours still my woodshop better bring your a-game I'm gonna show you how to do a really simple project it's our Scott from Co starving tray I'll show y'all how it's done so the first step is getting your wood prepped we try to use all old wood flooring that's been in bad shape this came off of a porch we do need to cut the tongue and groove off some of these so now we're gonna do something cool we've got all these cool sleds and stuff that we've built serving tray ins and these are nice because they keep your fingers safe so now we've got all four sides so let's work on our bottom so you need to take your side pieces you need to measure 17 and 1/16 what you can do is each one of your boards you can measure it and mark it so 17 and a 16 since we use old flooring it usually takes four pieces to make the bottom so now drive fit it all together what I usually do is I'll glue it up and then I'll just Brad now it together but if you don't have a brad nailer you can use clamps and if you don't have clamps you can use duct tape [Music] once it's all dry then you want to sand your edges around and just soften it all up a little bit so it doesn't cut anybody and there's no splinters we take our brand here and there we go we put a coat of poly on it and then it's ready to serve sweet tea we've designed this cool modern stool and I'm gonna show you how to make it to make this stool we've got all the parts set out the first thing that we're gonna do is pre-drill the medium pieces we're gonna make a mark on the center of each leg on both sides one inch in using a number six countersink pre-drill drill away whoo that ash is hot [Music] happy birthday next step turn each piece towards your body repeat that same process except arket three quarters of an inch in on the center on to step two assembly using your eighth inch drill bit and your trusty drill put a pilot hole through the countersink that you already made into this piece and go ahead and screw this piece in repeat this process on all four sides okay one frame complete now we're gonna just take that whole process and do it again congratulations yeah you got your frames made turn those puppies up grab your smaller pieces place them like a sole squeeze this together repeat the process that we just used to create the frames to attach these smaller pieces all the way around that's all assembled to set it aside bring out our seat on to staining okay now I've got it to the color that I want so just read the instructions on whatever stain you bought to know how long you need to wait for it to dry seats dry now we're gonna do is attach it to this bad boy take some of your wood glue like so put it down use the same countersink to put two holes in each side to screw the seat to the base here's the change we're using this two inch screw to attach the seat because the two and a half inch screws from before too long they'll go all the way through and you'll end up with a screw in the ash for a finishing touch add some plugs to fill the screw holes ba-bum ba-bum easy modern furniture that you can do yourself

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