2 Board Modular BookShelf / Wine Rack – Woodworking Basics

hey guys welcome back to the shop while I had a great week off last week I got caught up on a lot of things and I greatly appreciate you coming back and joining me for this week's project now this week's project is a pretty fun one and a pretty simple one it's a modular bookshelf and it's great for your beginning woodworkers as well as you advance woodworkers out there the bookshelf itself only takes two boards to make and a very limited amount of tools alright guys when it comes to making the modular bookshelves the construction is pretty straightforward and the material list is quite simple all you need is two 8 foot boards now the width of those boards that just depends on how wide you want your shelves to be I'm going to be using nine and a quarter inch wide boards that will allow me to make this either a bookshelf or a wine rack or combination thereof I need six fourteen inch pieces six thirteen inch pieces and one 12 inch piece all right an ultimate method for cutting these parts out is using a jigsaw with a straight edge now for my straight edge I'm just using a simple level clamp to the board I've got my 14 inch mark laid out but then my straight edge is offset to account for the bed of the saw when the bed of the saw is up against the straight edge my blade is in line with my cut line and I'm square all the way through so it should assure me a nice square cut all right another method for cutting these parts out is and using a skill soft that's what you have on hand now with the skill solved we can use the level as the straight edge again we can use a straight board or we can use a factory you know a straight edge that come from that's made this one's from Craig and this particular straight edge is set to your saw you've set it up and then when you make that first initial cut it's made for that particular saw in that distance of that Saul's bed to the blade alright with all of the parts cut for our modular bookshelf we can go ahead and take our 13 inch pieces and set them aside because we're going to be working with the 14 inch pieces I do have to say this it's been a long time since I've used a handsaw and I didn't do too bad I stayed right on the line so the one recommendation I can get to a new woodworker that might be using a handsaw is nice slow steady cuts and you should have no problem following your line and getting a 90 degree cut out of that song so setting these aside on our 14 inch long pieces we're going to be cutting rabbits on both ends now these rabbits are going to be three quarters of an inch wide a quarter inch deep all right with one board done let's go ahead and set up for the small router so you can see how that war and then I'll go ahead and knock out the rest of these and we'll get this thing together and we'll talk about the assembly all right well as you can see with either router both of them make a nice clean cut just a little different it's a smaller router so it might take a little bit more passes and everything to get to the final cut but other than that another great job all right I went ahead and switched over back over to the big router I've got done just three more boards to do and I've got my jig sitting here with the appropriate key for a quarter inch deep cut I'm just going to set that real quick and get busy alright with all of our parts cut routed and sanded it's time to assemble the individual cubes there's going to be three individual cubes for this bookcase and of course the bookcase can be expanded by just simply making more cubes and I'll show you the final assembly in just a few minutes it won't take long to put everything together when it comes to the assembly you can simply glue the cubes together and clamp them until they dry if you have enough clamps you can use some trim nails I'm going to make an inch and a half trim nails online or you can use some wood screws inch and a quarter will be fine alright once you have all three cubes assembled go ahead and if you want set your nails a good way if you don't have any wood filler is get your nail heads set a little bit add a little bit of wood glue in there and do some sanding with you know a 180 or 220 sandpaper and get that fine sawdust in there and it'll create its own wood filler to fill those nail holes if you'd like okay guys to assemble the unit together we're going to go ahead and take one of the cubes and place it on top of another now it's going to take for inch-and-a-quarter wood screws we're gonna put a 4 here and then we'll screw this one to the side here and put 4 here attaching these two pieces on these two the two the first two screw together you want to make sure that the side pieces with the rabbets that they're running in the same direction to give it just you know so it's visually appealing so just make sure that your rabbits are all in line you can see the rabbit here and this is the side piece with the rabbit in it and this is the side piece with the rabbit in here that way it just kind of flows now this is how the unit will sit and now we need to take our 12 inch piece and I told you about in the beginning of the video this is going to have the two 45s in the end we need to get that piece cut and put our shelf in here now another way to make the 45 degree cut is on your table saw with your table saw blade tilted to 45 degrees and you can use your miter gauge all right guys the Tobin chill fits right up here up top on the unit we want to make sure that you know it slides back and forth so you want to make sure that it's seated exactly in the right position nice and square and level and I'm just drilling at an angle go ahead now and clean up everything and get ready for a finish if you'd like I'm just going to clerk of mine but with the size of this unit it's not very big it can actually be hung on a wall and you know you can just get an anchor into a couple of studs and hang it on a wall it can be set up and configured a lot of different ways however you want to and also you can add to it by building some more cubes you can really get creative with the way you modulate this and put it together alright guys well that wraps up this week's project I greatly appreciate you sticking with me and I hope you enjoyed it now as you saw you can really get creative with this by adding additional cubes and changing the layout of it maybe changing the orientation in which it's displayed or even hanging it on a wall add some color to it that would make a great display in shelving unit for a kid's room because of its simplicity it's an excellent starter project for you beginning woodworkers so give it a try in your shop if you like this project please subscribe to my youtube channel I put out a new project every week and down in the description of this video you can find my other social networking links as always guys until next week I'll see you soon Oh guys don't forget July 10th of the 23rd is our second annual worldly big Wars event a lot of great prizes are up for grabs so be sure to check out this link for more information look forward to seeing you there let the battle begin

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