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woodworking tools Than ever to build it yourself and build it better the k5 is the most advanced Kreg jig yet And it comes loaded with innovative features from a ratcheting workpiece clamp to extension wings with built-in storage To quick-release drill guide adjustment swiveling dust collection and so much more that make it simple to save a member in your workshop What are we? The gripper is the only adjustable put block to give you three directions of control to protect your hands prevent kickback and make better cuts The downward pressure keeps your workpiece firmly on the table inward pressure keeps it tight to the fence to eliminate blade marks and prevent kickback and smooth consistent forward motion prevents burning on especially dense Harbor The Athens leg for the gripper makes it easy to make precise Ethan's cuts on the table saw safely and repeatedly It compatible with all gripper models and it can either replace one of the existing Gripper legs or it can be installed right over top of them for a wider overall ripping capacity Nathan's leg makes quick work of cutting a thin strips with the ease and accuracy that only the gripper can give you even with just 1/8 of our powerful green grip maintains incredible traction over the material while cutting small part

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