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with miles craft clam pickers you 
can create your own custom bench   clamping system on any wooden workbench 
three quarters of an inch thick or more   each kit comes with enough hardware 
to create two clamping stations   plus t-bolts to convert your bench clamp for use 
with t-tracks or the clamp acres system itself the system works great with three or six inch   miles craft bench clamps or many 
other popular bench clamp brands   not only do clamp acres work on flat 
surfaces but can be installed on the   side of your work table for 
a vertical clamping solution   clamps are free to rotate 180 degrees 
for multi-directional clamping mounting clamp makers is easy with the 
included 2-inch forstner bit chuck into   your drill determine your clamp acre position and 
then drill until flush with the top of the bit with a quarter inch bit drill 
completely through the clamping surface   and attach the support plate to the opposite 
side and secure with provided hardware   the arrow on the clamp anchors indicate 
the primary direction of clamping   be sure to point the arrow in the 
direction you need when drilling your holes   if you want a better more secure clamping solution 
for your wooden workbench reach for miles craft   bench clamps and clamp pictures and create your 
own custom clamping system today most of you are   probably familiar with the rockler portable drill 
guide we introduced it about a year ago and it's   received overwhelmingly positive reviews it really 
is head and shoulders above any other drill guide   we'll take a closer look at this guide in a minute 
but first i want to show you a new accessory   it's the edge guide for the portable drill guide 
this edge guide sets the distance from the edge of   your work ensuring consistent hole location for 
projects like drilling a row of bench dog holes   or pegs for a coat rack the included quarter inch 
by 12 inch aluminum guide bars allow drilling one   and three quarter inch to eight inches from the 
edge if more distance is needed from the edge   you can substitute wooden dowels for the guide 
bars and if you want holes closer to the edge than   one and three quarter inch you can add a spacer 
block it's the perfect accessory when you need to   consistently drill a row of holes now for those 
of you unfamiliar with the portable drill guide   let's take a look back at a previous demo video 
where i showed you all the features your drill   attaches to this quarter inch hex shank that 
fits any handheld drill and also works with quick   change chucks instead of a typical 3 8 inch chuck 
it's got this big half inch chuck that glides on   ball bearings the chuck travels on these two 
substantial steel shafts and the capacity is   about 8 and 7 8 inches that's measuring from 
the tip of the chuck to the bottom of the base   honestly it travels so much more securely and 
smoothly than other drill guys that i've used   this knurled brass knob is used to set the depth 
stop to control your drilling depth which is great   for repeat applications so let's move down to 
the base there's a large handle and knob here   for holding the drill guide securely they're also 
what you loosen to change the drilling angle from   0 to 60 degrees which is wider than the typical 
range of 0 to 45 degrees these angle lines are   easy to read and clearly show the drilling 
angle and of course the base also features   these v-shaped supports that are used for securing 
round stock and drilling in the center of dowels   it also features these tabs and mounting holes on 
the base that can be used to attach the guide to   a larger base or to a shop made jig and finally 
we reach the bottom of the base where there are   these threaded holes and those except these 
pins that are stored on the top of the guide   when you install the pins on the base you 
can straddle and center the bit over the   edge of the work piece so you can see how much 
there is to this guide compared to other guides   but it can do even more when you pair it 
with our new self-centering drill vise   it's perfect for drilling all sizes of pen 
blanks but the three by three inch capacity   is large enough to secure and drill any length of 
stock a single rubber knob opens and closes the   jaws simultaneously to perfectly center the work 
piece making it ideal for turning blanks and while   it's designed to work perfectly with the drill 
guide it can also be mounted to a different base   or used on its own as a typical drill press 
vice wow not easy watching myself on camera   but outside of that i'm still super impressed 
by the features and quality of this drill guide   and its accessories and i still can't get over how 
smooth this chuck spins i hope you've enjoyed this   look back at all the drill guide has to offer and 
especially the introduction of the new edge guide hey this is the bosch plh 181 18 volt cordless 
planer only bosch could deliver this level of   performance in such a compact package weighing in 
at less than six pounds including a battery this   planer is over twenty percent lighter than others 
on the market the high performance four pull motor   provides fast stock removal and a smooth finish 
change the chip ejection to left or right for   increased convenience the ratcheting depth knob 
allows for quick and easy depth adjustment while   the lock off button avoids accidental turn-on of 
the tool the plh-181 works on the bosch flexible   power system which means that you can power this 
planer with any bosch 18 volt lithium ion battery   on the market because they're all compatible pick 
up the bosch limpac battery which is what we have   now for a lighter weight tool or use the fat pack 
and that will extend your run time so there you go   that is the bosch plh 181 18 volt cordless planer 
for more information on this planer refer to this   page and be sure to check out the complete 
line of bosch 18 volt cordless power tools featuring a variable speed trigger this 
saw offers tremendous power and control   for orbital settings adjust aggressiveness 
depending on your material and application   while a beveling shoe lets 
you pivot for angle cuts   the contoured handle makes it comfortable to use 
and when your work day is over it's easy to store   just within reach make accurate cuts with the 
craftsman corded 6 amp variable speed jigsaw

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