10 SHOPPING SECRETS Home Depot Doesn’t Want You to Know!

– These are ten huge insider shopping secrets for Home Depot. Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. I'm the youtube deal guy, Matt Granite. I'm gonna take you inside the store, show you secrets to help
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Before we get to the ten shopping secrets, I just wanna tell you guys
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to use one of my links. Now, this is not a sponsored video, Home Depot is not paying me to say anything positive about them. This is information I've
gathered as a frequent shopper and interviewing fellow
shoppers and store managers. So first things first,
and that's tied to you understanding how to read
a Home Depot price tag. If you've ever wondered whether an item that you hope to buy at a Home Depot is going to go on sale, all you need to do is
look at the price tag.

That's right. Whether it's a price tag online tied to a specific product
that you wanna purchase, just look at the price. When a price ends in 03,
so $4.03, $5.03, $33.03, the item will be closed
out after three weeks. And 03 in a price tag means this is one of the best
deals you will ever get. Some items are color coded, so yellow tags will mean that the product is at a clearance state. But keep in mind that if you are wondering whether you have the lowest price, it needs to end in number three.

And by the way if you stay with me through insider
savings tip number seven, and ten's really good by the way, I will tell you how to
know if you have more time to make a purchase through
reading a price tag. Saving secret number two. Home Depot will beat the price
of any brick and mortar store plus they will give
you a bonus essentially for finding a lower price. So keep in mind there is something that I'm going to tell you
that pertains to the website. But if you find an identical item at a local competitor store like Lowe's, Dixon Pro Hardware is what
I have in my neighborhood, Maybe it's Ace Hardware in yours. The Home Depot will not
only match its price, but they will beat it by 10%. Now, the item must be in stock. It has to be at both locations. And there are exclusions
tied to open box merchandise and a few other rebates and offers, which would obviously lower
the price at a competitor.

But assuming it's the same product and it's their sale pricing or their regular pricing, Home Depot will not only beat the price, they give you a 10% bonus back, which is just awesome
and very rare to find. Savings secret number three. Is something a lot of
people are not aware of and it's in the Home Depot fine print. Well, the price match
policy might have been on your radar for brick and mortar stores. Did you know that Home Depot will also match any virtual sale. That means if something is online, you have the benefit of presenting that so they will at
least match the price. Now, you don't get the 10% bonus but if there is something that's really a strong for
the large scale appliances, where even five or 10% can
make a huge difference, Home Depot will match the price if you found it somewhere
else at a lower price. So for example, Best Buy has some very aggressive appliance purchases.

You find the same appliance at best buy, you present that deal to Home
Depot, they will match it. Great to know. It's also good because Home Depot has a much better delivery service on appliances than best buy, and their inventory system
is better than best buy in many of my checks
and having gone through this trying to purchase
appliances for a new home. So keep in mind, an Amazon
price or a best buy process or something else you find
online can be matched. Insider savings secret
number four for Home Depot is, and keep in mind tied to timing. Home Depot is way too early
on every major holiday and that spells huge discounts for you.

And I just wanna give
you an example right now. This is eye-opening and is something that you should keep in mind. It says Labor Day savings
on the screen right now and I just wanna show you guys I am recording this video
on Thursday, August 20th. So, all of the Labor
Day deals that you see have actually been on
homedepot.com or homedepot.ca if you're watching in Canada
for more than two weeks. What are they thinking? There's Halloween items up right now. It's August 20th this is ridiculous, Lowe's is not doing it. Ace Hardware does not have their sales. But as a shopper that spells some huge incentives too. Now, keep in mind it's
Home Depot is early, a lot of the items that are this early, we're talking like two months early, are sale items that will
eventually be on clearance. But for all of the other products tied to 4th of July,
Labor Day, Black Friday the appliance deals in particular and the paint savings which return for each of these occasions run for more than a month.

So, this 30% off select
top brand appliances will run again through Labor Day. And then when it comes to Black Friday, Home Depot actually launches most of its deals the last week of October and they keep them running through the first week of December. As a shopper, this is
me telling you right now that you do not need to feel
any type of retail pressure. If you wanna do your
research on a product, if you wanna prevent an impulse buyers, or save up a little bit more and examine different payment
plans for a big purchase. Home Depot has such a messed up calendar that will work to your advantages, especially when it comes to
their marketing programs.

For Home Depot shopping
secret number five. Did you know the store
offers retroactive pricing? A lot of people think this
exists at retails like Amazon. It does not, if you buy
something and then Amazon drops the price on it two weeks later, good luck with that
digital customer service. It's not something frequently offered by major retailers and I
totally understand why. But obviously, I'm a consumer advocate, I wanna be saving us much money as I possibly can with every purchase.

And if your timing wasn't
ideal for something you bought and then you find out
that it's dropped in price after the fact, this is crucial advice. Home Depot offers one-month long retroactive price protection. That means if you buy something and it drops to a lower price, you have one month to
bring the receipt in, present it to customer service
and seek that adjustment. That is awesome. I'm a huge fan of that policy and I wish more stores
and retailers employ that. But there you go, savings
secret number five. That thumbs up was really
kinda awkward, but anyhow. Saving secret number six. If you guys remember a couple of weeks ago for what not to buy at Walmart, I highlighted some of their dinged and broken boxes tied to small appliances. And I advised you guys that if something had happened to the box, that could have impacted the
product, you were at a luck. There was nothing you could do. You're paying full price for that product regardless of how smashed up the box was. Home Depot has a completely
different policy. If you see a damaged good
which could be a box, or something like a toiler plumber that has a slight ding on the stem that isn't gonna affect its performance, you're eligible for an extra 10% off with the customer service agent.

All you need to do is go to
the Customer Service Desk, not the checkout line,
the Customer Service Desk. Make sure the actual product
in the box is not damaged, and you can enjoy those benefits of a damaged box with
10% back in your pocket. And that can really add
up on appliance purchases, even some of the vanities and things that you might be doing a DIY project for in your bathroom. Just things to keep in mind with more cashback in your
pocket where it belongs. Shopping secret number seven. As we addressed in
shopping secret number one, if a product ends in a 0.03
at the end of a price tag, you know you're getting the
lowest possible closeout price. But did you know you can also apply an additional coupon on top of that? Many stores have blocks, which means that you can't actually use a coupon or a manufacturer coupon code on top of something that's
in its clearance phase.

Home Depot? Definitely not an issue. You can use coupons on clearance items if a product ends in 0.03. Score the fact you're
getting the lower price and then you can apply that right away with an additional coupon that will be accepted by customer service, which brings me to insider
saving secret number eight. Some Home Depot locations will
accept competitor coupons. Now, I did not have luck
with this personally, and I've shopped to different locations trying to prove this theory correct. But through some internal
blogs, speaking to shoppers, and even a store manager who told me they wouldn't
cut the break to me, but they have done it in the past, and it's up to the discretion
of different stores.

Home Depot, in some cases will
accept competitor coupons. That means if you have a Lowe's coupon, an Ace Hardware coupon, there is a chance and it's worth checking, that this will work for you. Now, I'm gonna ask you
the awesome folks watching because I always learn so
much from the comments. And I hope you guys learn from the videos. But I definitely learn
a lot from the comments. If this has worked for you, if you've had success with this, please post a comment and
share this with someone else, that will be a huge assistance
to the general public. And also, if you have any
insider saving secret to impart, please post that in the comment section That comment section is there for you and obviously I'm here for you regularly so, please feel free to subscribe Is this the type of content
that that makes sense to you and you'd like it.

For saving secret number nine. At Home Depot don't
worry I also have a bonus so technically this is eleven that I have total ten trick to you. But saving secret number nine is to actually ensure that you've got more time to make a purchase. We discussed earlier
that if a price tag ends in 03 it's at its lowest price and you definitely want to make a move on that clearance phase closeout product, I'm doing a lot of hand motions now you can see I'm
really getting amped up and excited and more awkward.

For saving secret number nine, if a price tag ends in 06 means you actually have time and you don't need to feel
compelled to make that purchase. 06 means in six weeks from the date at which you're looking at that price tag, the item will be reduced at an additional marked down date. Why is that key? Well, a lot of us when we see an item on sale or clearance, we assume that we have to make our move we feel compelled to make a purchase. And a lot of the time one, that product is not it's lower price but two we don't really
have the money to do so. So don't feel pressured
even on Black Friday. If you see a price tag that ends in 06, wait, the product will be reduced in six weeks after a new markdown date. Don't let stores dictate when you shop read their internal pricing
system so you can assist with your own timeline and finance options and all those other awesome things. That was saving secret number nine. Saving secret number 10. Is one of the most Unknown and best return policies for those of us that don't have as green
of a thumb as we'd like.

And don't worry I've still
got that bonus secret that I'm gonna share with you guys. But as I mentioned, the return policy is very
generous at Home Depot. But did know there's a
specific policy tied to plants, that means if you've killed
the plant, pretty much and it's not where you want it to be and you have your original receipt. You can get a full replacement for that, you can return perennials,
shrubs, dead trees, up to one year after purchase. The Home Depot return
policy clearly states that they will do so if
your shrub dies on day 364. Dig it up, bring it in and as long as you have
your original receipt, they will get a replacement delivered to you at no charge assuming that it's still
available in stock.

No questions asked. And again, guys it's all spelled out and they're very fine. But you just bring the plant
in with the original receipt. This will not work if you do
not have an original receipt. So, if you're just trying to dig up things around your backyard and bring them in and hope to get a
refund not going to happen, but they will give you a replacement if you've got that supporting evidence and that is so worth your while. It's not a system to take advantage of. But for a lot of us things
just don't go as planned. Weather wise, life wise, green thumb wise and you've committed to a purchase and Home Depot wants you to commit to them as a store without loyalty based
on policies like this. So, it's technically a win
win for everyone involved. And now for your bonus
secret number 11 or bonus one depending on how you want to count. If you're not doing this, you are free go to Home Depot shopper, please go to the bottom of their website before you make any purchase because there's a little section that so people rarely click on and that is called the rebate center.

You actually look it's buried you really have to go toward the bottom and you need to click rebate center. But rebate center allows
you to find very quickly, the manufacturer rebates tied to massive product discounts. Many of these rebates are so significant on major household purchases, that they may sway you
from one brand to the next. But they also ensure that you are getting the most money back after
you make a purchase. And it's not transparent and it's not easy to find and it's not something that you really want to miss out on, given how significant
some of these rebates are. This is particularly good for trades folk, if you're doing renovations
or flipping a home or upgrading your own home.

These are things where if you're buying a suite of products, the more you buy may lead to more savings. And these rebates aren't advertised as aggressively as I would
hope on your typical sale. They're not always visible in the other areas of the website. So, just check that if you
are shopping there frequently. So, thank you so much for watching, If this is the type of
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