10 DIY Outdoor Wood Project ideas

Woods are versatile and ubiquitous objects. Moreover, they make such a stunning furniture appearance whether they’re indoor or outdoor. Woods would look even more appealing as they get weathered or torn by time, elevating their artsy value. Next, I’ve compiled 10 DIY outdoor wood projects that will make your outdoor area or yard less vacant. From a garden bench to sand and water play table, you can get inspired by these wood projects that you might need for your outdoor area right now or in the future. Same as last video, next ideas are compiled for you by Simphome.com 10. A Simple Garden Wooden Bench Project idea Indoor and outdoor are two different places with a different condition or weather.

Indoor furniture faces a milder environment than the outdoor one. For that reason, you need to choose a sturdy wood that will last long such as timber. If you want to build a simple bench, this bench is just perfect for you. With around $145, you can have this super-easy, fairly lightweight, and decay-proof bench that suits best in the garden with its rustic look. 9. A Headboard to Bench project idea A headboard typically has a distinctive shape with a beautiful craving or pattern on it and you could craft a new wooden bench out of it.

For starter, find an old headboard or if you happen to have one in your basement, take it out, clean it, and give it a little sun bath By repurposing the old headboard, you can get a bench plus storage that adorn your front door. The bench can be opened up and you can see storage in it. For this idea, The owner used a piano hinge for the lid. You may need to repair some damages on the headboard because it may have been used for such a long time. Therefore, it needs some reparations. You can caulk, paint and stuff to make sure every detail looks new and interesting. 8. A Convertible Bench and Coffee Table project for Your Patio A bench often offer the same feature, which is for sitting only. How many people it can hold is dependent on how long the bench size is. Here comes the bench with a genuine idea that might surprise you.

This is a convertible bench that gives some functions. As the name suggests, it can be folded into a table or a bench thanks to the hinges on the front legs. Just fold it upward and you’ll get a cool table in an instant. 7. Airplane Swing project idea Kids love to play with anything that they find it fun and interesting. Who could resist the temptation of riding a swing with such a beautiful model or design? Even an adult would love to ride it if it were much bigger. How to build it? You can start from making the body parts, wings and tail.

Cut them according to the size, and attach them with screws and glue. And then sand them until you get a smooth surface. You’ll need some help when hanging the airplane swing as its not an easy task to do alone. It needs to be set with the right and equal height so that kids can swing smoothly without falling. 6. A Pallet Wine Rack Project idea Another versatile material to be used as wood projects is a palette. Yes, you can literally make anything out of it. First, you need to trim down the bottom part which has two sections. Get rid of the top board. Then, cut through the two boards in the middle. Use a pencil to create a decorative line then cut it with a jigsaw. Put back the top board and place it to the bottom with screws. Get another board from the pallet to make the glasses holder. After that, you can rout the slots with 3 wide for each of the glasses. Screw the piece to the bottom. In a summer, you can repurpose them outdoor as rack for your fruit juice bottles to 5.

A DIY Solar Lights housing project idea This slim and simple DIY solar light stand can be a creative idea on how to arrange your solar lights. It fits for cramped space as its relatively thin. Make sure that the bottom has an equal surface or it can easily tip down by the wind. Start by cutting four posts with a specific length with a hole that fits for the light in as seen in the picture. Don’t forget to add a 4x 4 block in the middle. Create two holes for each post to insert screws so that they can be firmly stuck or joined together. 4. A Raised Patio Planter project idea A planter would make plants around your house or patio look much more stunning as they can be adjusted to a certain high level. This planter has legs that make it a bit different. The lattice panel trellis isn’t just for allowing plants to grow and spread on it, but it adds a beautiful appearance of the planter.

The space in it can fit several plants at once, and its also a movable too, which makes the whole product more valuable and loveable. 3. A Childs Arbor Bench project idea This stunning arbor bench would tease you to get one for your garden. From the top to the bottom, the arbor bench looks all impressive. This one will definitely spruce up your garden up to be a little bit prettier. First, you can begin by attaching the posts with the front and back seat aprons. Put lower rafters to the top, add the notched upper rows and screw. Next, add back seat framing between posts.

After that, place seat boards, and set the lattice panel inside. To kick it up a notch, you can grow some climbing plants on the trellis or the roof of this arbor bench It would create a dramatic look that awe everyone who sees it. 2. An Arbor with Swing project idea This idea sounds a little bit challenging than the previous arbor, but it’ll be much fun, considering that you can swing yourself while enjoying the view.

First and foremost, Its going to cost you around $100 – $500 depending on what materials used and 6 7 days in the making. You should notice that the arbor comes with a swing, which means you have to build a strong arbor that can bear the minimum an adult’s weight. It should be firmly driven on the ground otherwise it can tip down so easily while being swung. For detail instruction, please follow the link inside description area. Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you.

Get new updates automatically every time I upload a new video and lets find out last idea sitting on our top chart. Lastly number 1, Sand and Water Play Table project idea Rather than letting your kids busy with their advanced gadgets, you can build them this awesome water and sand table to get them occupied with an outdoor activity with their friends. First, build the box and then screw and glue it. Add the support slats with proper space. Put the divider in the middle and screw. Attach the legs along with the bottom shelf. Then, attach the lid with hinges on the top. Last, Sand and paint it! So, challenge yourself with one or some of our 10 DIY outdoor wood project ideas, and see how the result turns out! Good luck with your choice and sticks with channel for more wooden project makeover ideas. That’s it for now, before you leave, like this video (if you truly enjoy it), comment on it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account or email list.

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