10 Cool Woodworking Tools You Need to See 2021 #19

woodpecker's new story stick pro comes 
in a 24 inch link for inside cabinet work   and 48 inch length for marking longer boards with 
its engraved scales on top for easy readability   and with new double tabs which 
extend on both sides of the track   makes marking boards on both sides 
without reconfiguration possible   one of the story stick pro scales is a center 
scale with double tabs set to exact spacing set   the center scale on the mark it's that easy and is 
transferable to other boards over and over again use the caliber arms to create a physical 
stick to use as a cut to reference   like making vertical face frame divider 
separate the arms to the opening   lock in place and then transfer that link 
to the work piece or better yet use your   caliber arms to set your saw to the exact 
cut length without even needing to measure   check your cut and slide your work 
piece down in place that's a perfect fit   the story stick pro with its double tabs can 
also be used for the marking of cabinet feature   like drawer slides and hinges now move the story stick pro to the other 
side of the cabinet and mark your drawer   slides or hinges with confidence that 
both sides will be at the same height   like all woodpecker brand woodworking 
tools woodpecker story stick the universal clamp support is a simple 
yet effective clamp holding fixture   that buys you extra time during glue 
ups by streamlining the process assemble   the tool in seconds using the interlocking 
notches that form a sturdy egg crate joint simply pick the interlocking notches that 
make your support grid the right size   choose the style support you need 
then drop your clamps in place   the round clamp support cutouts are spaced at 
five inch intervals on two of the sides and   the other two sides feature rectangular slots 
that are spaced at 2 and 3 8 inch intervals either clamp style will stay upright and 
in place until it's time to cinch them down   and for longer glue ups you can use a 
second or even third universal clamp support universal clamp support elevates heavy duty pipe 
clamps so the handles can turn completely when on   top of the bench plus this rugged tool is made 
of three thirty seconds of an inch thick steel   and features a powder coat paint 
finish that dry glue barely sticks to   you'll find the universal clamp support to be 
the best glue up buddy a woodworker can have uh plug ejection is the number one issue 
users have when working with hole saws   removing the core can be 
frustrating and time consuming   traditional arbors also require extra tools 
and extra time to change out hole saws   introducing the blue mole extreme quick 
core the quick release hole saw system   never struggle again to remove that stubborn 
core up to 10 times faster core ejection versus   conventional hole saws the blue mole extreme 
quick core system was invented by a contractor for   contractors simply pull the quick release sleeve 
remove the hole saw and knock out the core it's   that easy our new patented quick core system makes 
changing hole saws and removing the core virtually   effortless with its innovative open back design 
and durable m42 cobalt construction the blue mole   extreme quick core system is sure to save you time 
and frustration easily drill multiple sized holes   in seconds without the complexity of traditional 
arbors allowing you to finish your project faster   and with less effort the blue mole extreme quick 
tour system offers a wide range of interchangeable   bi-metal hole saws so you can tackle multiple 
jobs and materials like wood plastic metal and   stainless steel with just one easy to use quick 
change system eliminate the wasted time and   frustration of removing stubborn cores forever 
get the new blue mole xtreme quick core system   the omni table is a versatile four in one portable 
workstation which easily transforms into a   durable workbench platform creeper and dolly the 
portable lightweight design is easy to assemble   ideal for professionals and diy 
enthusiasts the robust steel framework   is equipped with a reversible dual sided surface 
simply unlock the hinges to flip the panel over   for a solid laminated work surface or a non-slip 
high impact plastic decking the push release   buttons lock into place making it easy to change 
to different modes the laminated work surface   includes measurement and protractor indicators to 
determine cuts without the use of a tape measure   a drill hole and hammer strip are also included to 
keep surfaces protected when drilling or hammering   as a workstation it's ideal for using power 
tools cutting timber and many other activities   on site or in the workshop in the platform 
mode the workstation is ideal for accessing   all those hard to reach work areas equipped 
with four caster wheels using the dolly mode   moving items is quick and easy and includes 
traction clip cutouts to pull heavier items   in creeper mode the smooth wheelbase makes it 
perfect for sliding under your vehicle to perform   work on your car this product is designed to 
optimize functionality saving space due to its   slim compact design it can be easily stored 
the omni table holds up to 226 kilograms   and transports easily with a heavy duty carrying 
handle introducing the miles craft drill 90 plus   this right angle drill attachment is perfect 
for drilling into those hard to reach wall studs   floor and ceiling joists or a host of 
other applications made of reinforced abs   the unit offers a four and a quarter inch dual 
position handle for optimal comfort and support   as well as a 3 8 keyless chuck that is compatible 
with most drilling accessories the drill 90 plus   is driven by a 3 8 hex shaft and not recommended 
for impact drivers when you find the need to drill   in a tight or hard to reach area the drill 
90 plus has a minimum reach of only 4 inches   when used in conjunction with the milescraft 
stubby bits the unit can fit almost anywhere ideal for plumbers electricians hvac installers 
and homeowners needing to navigate tights made in the usa this tool keeps comfort in 
mind with its sleek design and lightweight body   with hdx 50 fatigue of the hands is one less 
thing you'll have to worry about on the job if   you're unfamiliar with a hammer attacker think 
of it as a staple gun that works like a hammer   the hdx 50 has an all-chrome steel housing a 
comfortable grip and a convenient rear load   magazine the ht x50 improves on arrow's ht50 by 
adding a high impact non-slip rubber grip handle   the patented design uses an ambulance lever 
mechanism to give you more driving force with   each swing compared to other hammer tactic designs 
the anvil also offers more protection for your   workpiece compared to other hammer counters this 
tool works with 250 staples in sizes 5 16 inch 3   8 inch and one half inch arrow offers online video 
instructions for reloading and unjamming this tool   the hdx 50 is perfect for installing installation 
house wrap roofing jobs and flooring jobs thanks for stopping by the aero workshop be 
sure to tag aero fastener on social media   we'd love to see the projects you're working 
on for a no-gap installation on treated and   softwood lumber use the edge guide the heavy duty 
contractor grade tool that attaches to any drill   to use the edge guide just attach the 
edge drive connection to your drill   load the camo edge deck screws 
into the magnetized screw guide   align the screw guide with the joist ensure 
the face of the edge is flat and drive you

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