10 Best Butt Joint Methods | Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Welcome to make something
with me. David Picciuto. And today I'm going to show you 10
different ways to make butt joints. 10! Check it. Butt joint? It's basically taken one piece of wood
and buttoned it up against another. If you only add glue to this, this is not a very strong joint
because this is end grain. The end grain soaks in the glue.
This will eventually break, especially as wood expands and
contracts. So without further ado, let's get started. One glue and nails.
So I'm gonna throw a little glue on here, butted up against that. Not the strongest or the
prettiest joint in the world, but it will get the job done.
Number two, screws and plugs, special type of drill bit
that drills a pilot hole. And then counterbores the top for a plug. over here at the drill press, I have a plug cutter that's going
to cover up those holes.

Now you can you throw a little glue in
there. You want to match the grain. And number three pocket holes. Number four biscuits.
Draw a little line there. now that we've got the
two biscuit holes, cut, fill that with gravy
through a biscuit in there. Number five, domino, which
is just like the biscuit, but uses a different machine. So once again, we'll make our Mark. This uses a loose tenon,
otherwise known as a domino. And this works just
like the biscuit joiner tap into the domino. Throw some clamps on there.
Number five, number six dowels. I'm just going to clamp this up and
we will drill a couple holes in there.

It's a lot like six except
you don't see the dowels. number eight, spline. before I show you my last
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Now let's get back to talking about, but joints number nine.
Technically not a butt joint, but it's going to be pretty. We're
going to do a mitered spline. and finally number 10,
the hidden mitered spline. That is 10 ways we didn't use any
clamps, so some of them aren't pretty, but we spent a little bit more time
on there. They would look just fine. The basic one nails that would work. If you're just making a simple box to
hold stuff in, that would work just fine. The prettiest ones are the ones
with the splines. The mitered, there are actually a ton
of other ways to make, but joints that we didn't even

You could do a loose, or what'd you call it, Dan? Floating.
Floating a loose or floating tenon. Um, you could do some sort of half lap. You
could do some, some rabbits in there. This is just a quick way to
buck joint two pieces of wood. I hope he got something out
of that. If you're new here, we put out new woodworking
videos every single Friday. Last week we made these solid wood
pencils and gift boxes to go with them. You might want to check
that out next week. Who knows what we're going to do next
week, Dan, do you know? Dan knows? I don't know. I'll talk to Dan after we
shut the camera off. That is it, folks. We'll see you next Friday with a
brand new project. As always, be safe, have fun, stay passionate, and then sense.

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