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– I've got 10 projects
that you can make out of your scrap wood or your drops, so that you don't have
to waste all that wood to be roasting all those marshmallows. Let me show you what I got. How you doing? I'm Matt with 731woodworks.com. Today, I'm gonna show you
10 projects you can make out of your scrap wood, so
that you have less waste. Hopefully you can take
these and give them as gifts or you can sell them. Some of these I built myself, some of these Miss 731
bought at different stores.

Let me show you what you can do. So if you're like me and you don't like getting
rid of your scrap wood, it piles up, and you wind up having a mess like I've got going on now. I got a shop cleanup day coming soon. So as you can see on these shelves, I've got tons of scrap wood, everything from pine, to plywood,
to even some exotic woods, like spotted tamaric, some
purple heart, things like that.

So we have a lot of extra wood
laying around in the shop. If you've been woodworking very long you know that you pile that stuff up. We don't wanna get rid of it,
we wanna make stuff with it. First scrap project I
wanna talk to you about, there's a video on the
channel, if you look back, it's in the description below,
how to make these chevrons. We sell these in sets of three. They're nice sellers, about $30 a set. These are really nice. You can make them out a one
by sixes or one by fours, which is what this is,
super simple to make.

Also on that same video, number two on our list
is these Lazy Susans. You can get this square version like this or if you want a round version you can use which is what I use one by sixes, put those together. Made a nice, round Lazy Susan. Those are also nice to
have in your portfolio. Number three on the list. mallets man, the mallet build. If you hadn't seen that
video, go check it out. Those were pretty nice mallets. I was actually pretty happy
with how they turned out. So these are, I call
them scrap wood projects because there's very little material. That's actually in a mallet. This is a wider mallet
I made a while back.

This is the 10 commandments
mallet that I made on that video. I've actually got some resin
coming from a company who wanted to send me some
and see if I like it. And we're gonna inset. I'm like a video. We're gonna inset these
coins that I've already glued in there. I wanna seal those in
with that clear poxy. I think it's gonna really look good. They're kind of excited
to see how that works out. So mallets is my number three pick. These super simple little totes. A lot of people call them beverage totes. They'll put dividers in there
so they can put a six pack of soda and stuff in there
with a little bottle openers on the end, you can
customize them with monograms on the end, this was
bought locally by my wife. And this thing would be
super simple to make. This is like a one by 10 This is made out of a one by eight. And then whatever that piece probably just a drop off of one
by eight, very easy to make.

And you can super simple
glue or brand nail this thing together she
using it in our bathroom as decoration where she
puts her hand towels as well as my aftershave, things like that. And there also, if you want
some fantastic aftershave I'll put a link description
below to this one. It'll burn your face
off, but it's awesome. I love this stuff. I use it every day and I
use it on my bald head. It makes it real nice and shiny. Number five on our list
is a super simple shelf, man I just screwed this thing together.

This is a one by four on the edge. This is one, the six as
shelves, screwed and glued. Super simple. Put one on the very bottom,
put one in the middle one I mean space them
out however you like. And then just a grass rope up top with some holes drilled in there. And we've had this thing for years. We've used it in the living room. We've used the different places
for just wall decoration. Now it's in the kids' bathroom where they can store toilet paper and rags, things like that on there. Super, super simple. Number six on the list. Do you believe people buy
the stuff now I'm telling you number six on the list.

Let me show you. It's just a four by four man. Come on with some dots, put on it. So they made it as dice. Just cut them in squares. You can paint them, distress
them, whatever you wanna do. And then just put some black dots. And they're not even,
they're not even uniform. My wife bought these
somewhere as decoration and I mean super simple
two dice scrap wood. Number seven on the list. Something you can use in the shop.

Push sticks. Come on. Push sticks. Mr. Lawrence lawn for
sent me these as gifts. Thank you very much. He knows I love that Ambrosia
Maple, check that out. That is a beauty beauty
of a piece, hello peep. I can't even say it of
a push of a push stick. I got it. So its got Walnut on the bottom, its got that Ambrosia maple on the top.

So this is curly maple on top. This one's a little thinner
for thinner material. This is a little thicker. These things are fantastic. You can make these out of scrap but if you've got some drops perfect way to make you some push
sticks, all red woodwork send me this one it's made out of plywood got that Walnut foot on the back. This one keeps your hand away away from that blade as
you're pushing it through. This is fantastic. I appreciate this gift from brother Rio at all red
woodworking on Instagram. If you want go check him out. That's seven. So far, we got three more to go and we'll take you inside and
show you what we're using. Some scrap wood project
for you in the house. Come on. So our eight scrap wood project,
these little Paul presents these are just one by six is that we're cut in square pieces. As long as they are wide.

That's what square means, right? And then some Paul
prints painting on there. And then our dog's
names were put on there. We actually ordered these
on Etsy when they come in they were a little out of square. And so I had to squaring
them up and repainting and all that. So if you're selling those make sure they're good
and square for people. These are very simple projects. So these actually come
with hanging hardware.

We just have them sitting on that shelf and they're just, it's super simple. So if you've got something like this you've got somebody who can put these on. These are just cricket
letters, cricket, cricket. These are just cracket
Vinyl letters that are put on a Paul print that was painted on there. So if you could get was actually that's a Paul French
cricket too, isn't it? So the Paul print with that,
letter's just crack up vinyl. So if you've got yourself a crack cut or a silhouette vinyl cutter you just cut these pop
prints out, stick them on there might be a good seller for you. So we have one for each
of the dogs who have lived in this home, Sasha and Zeus
for our standard poodles. We've lost them. We got Coda and Charlie that you've seen on the videos and then Mia, the
grand dogs up there as well. We paid $7 a piece for these on Etsy. So if you're looking for pricing help that may help you out. Number nine on the scrap wood project these little Scrabble towels are made out of quarter-inch plywood or Luan and then the Crocket letters
or silhouette letters.

If you got a vinyl cutter,
a very, very simple to make Ms.Seven 31 wasn't happy because that E wasn't on there perfectly straight. So if you're selling those make sure that you're
getting that stuff straight. How would you say you give him these are three inch by
three inch square tiles and we bought them on Etsy for $2 a piece. Make sure if you're selling these you offer them in a variety
of colors, as well as you know obviously the letters for
scrabble, this isn't a dog room. You can see the dog canvases over here all five dogs plus their
names on this wall. So it's a good idea to offer
stuff like that for pets because a lot of people like
to buy things for their pets.

Let's move on to number
10, number 10 on our list. It's a paper towel holder. This is a one by six I just painted it with the stress light or distressing technique. I'll drop a video on how
we do our distressing that with a paper towel holder
that just screws on there put it on the walls, can
command strips and super simple. It's a great way to add
a paper towel storage just to a wall. And we don't actually
screw it into the wall. It's on that board. It's just kind of cool. I'll give you a few bonus
scrambled projects you can make. We made this little sign out of one before as a quarter inch
plywood use a deer stencil. I'll drop a link to it as well on Amazon looking to
build a frame like this very simple to make and
just put a deer stensul or any kind of artwork
that you want on there.

And then you can sell those or
make those for your as gifts. Also, this is just scrap wood is actually scrapped trim pieces. I gave him a seven 31
bought this somewhere. So just to get an idea, if
you have a lot of trim pieces you put those things together like this make it a nice little
decorative, last name O or whatever your last name happens to be also serving trays are a good idea. A lot of people like those. I've got, I built a
couple of those over time. So if you got some scrap wood you can put those things together. It's another thing you
can add to your portfolio. One more bonus item. I'm sorry. It was like 14. She can make, I said ten,
but who's gonna gripe. If you get extras, right, somebody will. Hey, so if you've got
some exotic hardwoods you can make these Shukul boards. is that fun to say,
this is just zebra wood I got this as a gift actually. And so you can take this type of wood. If you've got just a drop a little piece left and just cut a design to the end of the handle
is all he did is though that's a really neat way to
use up your exotic hardwoods.

If you've got something like that super simple there's I mean it's not even be able
to anything on the edge. It's just square cut with that nice little
design handle right there. I mean, excellent way
to use up some exotics. Nice (mumbles) board. Yep, if you liked this video,
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