★ Woodturning Lathe Tool Storage SOLVED | Easy Woodworking Project for Beginners

lave doubles all over your bench today I'm gonna solve your lathe tool storage problem I recently restored this on labor that I was given and I don't have anywhere in my workshop to set up a dedicated lathe station here but while my walls have stuff so it just sort of sits on my bench when I needed them and I put it on the floor I'll poke it somewhere when I don't need it but one of the main problems is I've given some my tools and I've bought some nice tools and I don't have anywhere to store them they just sit on the bench so I need something I can just easily pick up move into a corner when I'm not using it and then just bring it all to there so I've got all my tools of hand nice and easily something to stable the won't get knocked over so I've got a few ideas and we'll pump them out now get any much complete this project just a piece of MDF not very big some PVC pipe that you can get from any hardware store I've got two different sizes here so just depending on the thickness of your tools so my tools seem to fall into these two category first step is just to measure approximately where you want the handles to sit so around there just Worth starts to get a bit fatter hold your finger on my crosscut sled I'll just set up a quick stop block for the length I want and we're just going to cut a PVC pipe so I'll put my miter gauge back on and I've set it to an angle of 20 degrees and all we're gonna do is just take a little cut off here just off the end just for decorative purposes only now take the box that's going to hold everything together I've set my rip fence at about 5 inches or 125 mil and I'm just going to cut this bit of MDF down the dimensions on the box aren't super critical all you need to do is just work it out from your pipe so I'm going to make mine ain't tools across so I've set my stop block at exactly the width of eight of these and that will make the front and the back of the box for the base of the box I'm going to cut dedos in the bottom of a ball the wall so what I've done is I've moved my fence about ten millimeters off the blade set the blade to about half the depth of the walls so I'm gonna run a ball through then I'm gonna move it over a little bit so I can just get the exact width of this piece of MDF so so I'm just doing a bit of a test bit here I've cut out all my walls of the box of cup of data odors in the bottom of it the floor will sit in – but also cut a little shim so about two different sized pipes so I just want to shim in between the two different sizes so they line up nice and straight and I'm just gonna stick it together with glue and Brad nails okay now I've got a clamped up I'm just going to fill in the gaps on the sides where the data is blasted through I use timber mate I find on it quite good at last a long time well I'm waiting for the box to dry I'm gonna paint these we're gonna get a nice little spray stations are just a stick right just a little tip when you're spray painting just light sprays because once you get a drip exit hey did you see that I reached 10,000 subscribers last week I'm super happy about reaching that milestone Sophie thank you for everyone who subscribes and comments and participates on our Facebook Google+ page whether everything I really do appreciate that thank you very much ok what I did our Twitter head and I just painted the Box blue and then I just had some kitchen handles I just stuck them on the end and what I like about this design is this thing will hold 22 tools so I mean you think about one of those law racks or one of those longer racks and 22 tools was going to be a thing like that so we're gonna compact it all into a little side like this so all I need to do is line up get my big pieces of pipe they're going to go to the back I'm gonna run them in first and then I'll hot glue them in place I've just got this little spacer cut to width seeing I've got two different size pipes I just need to separate them these ones wait the little ones won't need hot gluing because I've got that measured so it's a tight fit time to load it up a nice little quick and easy project you can smash this thing out in no time you can paint it and I'll paint it whatever you like this holds 22 tools so in a very small space as well so I can pick this up put it out of the way well I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy little project you can smash out in an afternoon no problems at all click here for some more project videos I hope you enjoyed those as well and please subscribe to our channel we'd love to have you on board also thank you for everyone for helping us reach our 10,000 subscriber mark last week today so growing very quickly so that's alright I really do appreciate your support and encourages us to get out there and make more things please

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