Секрет обычной дрели! Полезные советы на все случаи жизни!

hello friends today a selection of useful tips and tricks for all occasions it happens it is necessary to paint the workpiece the part has nowhere to hang it but there is a workbench so that the workbench does not get dirty you can of course put the old unnecessary plywood but then we can paint the part only from three sides because the workpiece will lie on 4 therefore there is a simple and useful advice in one pair of blocks and throw a piece of plywood onto the table on top and place the part, then I take a screwdriver and a self-tapping screw and screw in a couple of pieces then the first one and turn over a piece of plywood and we have self-tapping screws on which we can put a blank for future painting first, we paint on one side, then we put it on the supports and cover it on all sides, as a result, the part is completely painted, it cannot lie quietly and dry out.The following advice is simple and interesting if you work on a welding table with a long right pipe and apply markings and are ready to cut off the workpiece with a grinder there is a tricky simple advice I use magnesium tne corners for welding that I throw on the table and on top I lay the workpieces the clamp is so good that even 100 swings and the pipe does not jump anywhere and does not go away, you can safely process the profile pipe and immediately cut into several parts conveniently practical and ingenious for the next idea, take a piece of plywood and clamp in a vice we take a screwdriver and put a crown on a wood shura by the way interesting there is a quicksnap interface 2 modes of operation with a blow and without a kit there are additional nozzles from which and angular scenes you can crawl up and tighten the most inconvenient places we take out the round and clamp it in a vice and drill a hole in it then I put in order on the grinder I remove all the burrs I add a little superglue and press the threaded nut with the furniture; the vice helps out great here and the first workpiece is ready I take a piece of the hairpin, we clamp it in a vice and drill a hole and attach the washer from the old broken sealant gun to the self-tapping screw now we assemble our device in one piece wooden washer on it goes on the edge of the sealant tube and is attached with a metal clamp, that is, we clamp it and at the exit we get a quick feed of the sealant with the help of a screwdriver, the adapt is quickly removed and presented to another sealant, perhaps you will say nonsense what kind of nonsense, yes, I would rather use a hand gun to apply the sealant yes I agree, provided that you only need one piece of glue there, but imagine 70 sheets 60 per meter eighty which must be glued to panerai here, after the first sheet, the hand will dry out from the screwdriver, it will work much faster for the next idea, take a piece of plywood, put it on the workbench and apply I make the markings four segments 15 centimeters long and 2 by 4 and 2 by 4 and a half wide, I hook the clamps to the table and cut out with a jigsaw, then the bosch jigsaw has practically no vibrations with batteries and has a backlight and the cutting depth is up to 80 millimeters, this is by the way very convenient and having cut off 4 blocks I throw it on the table and I want to remove all the burrs of the der pressing the sandpaper is inconvenient, we take a stapler and cling it to a couple in a cop straight to the table and you can process the part, then I clamp 2 blanks with a step in a vice, drill the holes, I quickly change the equipment and screw them onto self-tapping screws and repeat this process with the second part, and literally in five to ten minutes we got an excellent a device with which you can clamp anything in a vice and without fear of sports on a workpiece or even the same thread on a hairpin, such workshop tools will always come in handy and take up little space for the next idea you need a small sheet of plywood or chipboard chipboard that is at hand also use I will mark it with a plastic lid from the barrel and add another five centimeters to the diameter of the circle from each edge and cut off the rectangle, outline it, but then use a ruler to increase the fruit literally by a centimeter and cut out the structure with a jigsaw, since it will be near the entrance and if you interfere with it, you can always fold it and press it against the wall of the ca m I remove the extra piece of the pallet here the battery chain saw helps me on the blade and it helps me more than once inside the circle I added foam rubber to the staples and fixed the entire structure in the wall from the cover made an experiment and now you can safely install the garbage bag I will adapt and press it with a plastic rim and trust me, friends, garbage in the workshop, oh, how much if necessary, you can fold the mechanism so that it does not interfere when the material is brought in if you need a lot of space , so write in the comments which idea you liked the most and why and what did not go like it is not difficult for you and I am pleased and subscribe to the channel friends and press the bell in front we have a lot of interesting ideas all thanks to all the best and bye bye

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